Tuesday, October 4, 2022


The long, hot, dry spell of summer feels like a long time ago now that autumn has arrived, with rain, wind, cool air, and green, green grass once more. Hard to imagine that a couple of months ago, I was sitting outside to write, wearing as few clothes as possible (sorry for the visual) periodically watering the plants, until the hosepipe ban hit, but time keeps flying along.

On the writing front, My Husband's Secret has been published in paperback and audiobook, and my publisher ran a competition for readers to win a bundle of my titles, which was fun. 

I've signed a new contract for two more novels (hurray!!) both scheduled for publication next year. The first is written and with my editor, and while I wait for her notes I'm planning my next book and working on a new thriller with Amanda Brittany. Our next novel THE NEW WIFE is due out at the end of November and we're eagerly awaiting the first sighting of the cover - always a big moment.

Writing aside, there's not much to report, other than I'm already hooked on the new series of Strictly Come Dancing - despite it reminding me that Christmas is on its way - which makes me think I need to get out a lot more!

I hope you're having a happy and productive October 😊🍂

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