Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All change

I've decided to update my blog and have included a short story page if you'd like a peek. I may post a new one now and again on a whim - depending which way the wind's blowing, and whether or not there's an i in the month.

Okay, okay I'm procrastinating - still waiting for feedback on novel 2 and wondering if novel 3 is the one I should be writing, or whether I should go back to the novel that was going to be novel 2 before the original novel 3 became novel 2.

Confused? I know I am.

Meanwhile I was lucky enough to meet up with a group of fellow writers on a lovely, sunny day in Peterborough last week, and it was amazing how many times over lunch we all blurted, "there's GOT to be a story in that!"

Once you're in the zone it's quite easy to imagine fictioning up the most mundane situation. When I popped to the Ladies to powder my nose at Marylebone station, and noticed a woman caught trying to leap the turnstile rather than pay thirty pee for a pee, part of my addled brain was thinking, hmmmm - there's GOT to be a story in that.

The thing is ... would anyone want to read it?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

An award and 7 things

Two lovely and talented lady-writers, Lydia and Teresa Ashby have gone a little bit mad and bestowed this handsome award upon me - which is nice.

The rules state I have to tell you 7 things about myself, but I've bored you all senseless in that department in previous posts, so instead I'll list 7 things that are on my desk that have nothing to do with writing.

1. A half-empty packet of digestive biscuits. Can't think who ate them, but it couldn't possibly have been me.

2. My lucky mascot, Quackers. My grandma knitted him years ago, and seeing him reminds me of her. (Not that she looked like that I hasten to add.)

3) A tube of effervescent (love that word) vitamin C tablets and a carton of cranberry juice, both my husband's. He's on a bit of a health kick. Unlike me.

4) A mangled, half-chewed biro I rescued from the dog, which she obviously mistook for a rat.

5) A silver sharpener I used earlier for my eyeliner pencil.

6) A copy of Grazia magazine. So I can plan my summer wardrobe dahlings.

7) A crumpled contact lens and a Penny Red stamp lying rather poignantly side by side. My husband's a collector of the latter and the first is the reason I can only see properly out of one eye at the moment.

Looking back at that list, I'm slightly ashamed and will be doing a spot of tidying forthwith.