Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good news

Well, I didn't win the Novelicious competition (flicks away a tear) but thank you everyone who took the time to comment and vote for me, and congratulations to the winners (she says through gritted teeth.) 

No, I mean it - the standard was high and I wouldn't be at all surprised if some deals are struck in the not too distant future.

On the plus side  ... whispers ... I have a lovely new agent!   I submitted my second novel - part of my German deal - a few months back and tried to forget about it.  It attracted interest, I completed some edits, and on Tuesday was offered representation.  Tiny squeal.

The contract arrived today and I'm meeting her in London next Wednesday.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but feel like a very lucky lady indeed.

In other news - I've mastered the hula-hoop to the point where I can do it for half an hour ... without even noticing.  It's not even like proper exercise, but my waist has shrunk and I've got a six-pack.

Okay that last bit's a lie, but I wouldn't want one anyway.  I might be tempted to keep showing it off, and start parading around in a crop top without my cardi.  In the library.

Which wouldn't do at all.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Well, the Novelicious entries have been read - and thank you all who did, and for making such lovely comments - and voting is open until the 20th.  If you'd like to vote click here (mine's Dancing Queen) and if you don't, ignore me.

I met up with some of the lovely ladies from my writing group today and had a great time, not least because it involved Going On a Train, which is one of my favourite things.  Looking out of the window I saw so many things that triggered story ideas I ended up writing one on the way back.  I'd never have done that if I'd gone by car.  Not without something deeply unpleasant happening.

One of the oddest sights was a man on a tennis court playing tennis - by himself.  As you can imagine, this involved rather a lot of running back and forth.  Unless his opponent was invisible. 

I don't think I could make a sensible story out of that, but if you have any thoughts I'm more than happy to try.