Monday, May 16, 2022

And Another book is almost ready

It's been an exciting time author-wise since my last post, as My Sister's Child achieved a bestseller banner on Amazon, something of a holy grail for authors, giving sales a further boost due to whatever algorithms are triggered (or something else technical I don't really understand!) The book has had some lovely reviews too, and feedback like that, knowing readers have been entertained and taken away from reality - in a good way - means the world and inspires me to keep writing.

On that note, I've now seen the cover of my next book My Husband's Secret, which will be out in ebook on June 30th (audio and paperback a couple of months later) and I think it's my favourite to date. The cover designer has done a great job in making it stand out, something that's vital for potential readers skimming through books online, looking for their next read, when there's so much great competition out there.

I'm now working on my next book and getting to know the characters and am excited about the story unfolding, which often ends up being just as much of a surprise to me as I hope it does to the readers.

Meanwhile co-writer Amanda Brittany and I are waiting to hear from an editor who may be interested in publishing our next book, so we're keeping everything crossed for that.

Spring is pushing towards summer now and everything in the garden is blooming. I'm trying to resist dashing out there too often and be more disciplined with my writing - not easy when my writing corner is in the lean-to conservatory overlooking the garden, but I love it here, away from the main house, where I can hear birdsong, and, occasionally a lawnmower - or, more annoyingly, a chainsaw - and I don't have far to go to put the kettle on.

We're still hoping to take a couple of days away by the sea at the beginning of June, but I tend not to make too many plans these days, never quite knowing what's around the corner, though maybe it should be the other way round - I should be making lots of plans, because you never quite know what's around the corner!

Whatever your plans are, I hope they work out for you ☺