Monday, March 7, 2022

Nearly spring

                                                              Bench at Gaynes Park Mansions Wedding Venue

March is well underway, which means spring is on its way (bit of unintentional (bad) poetry, there.) Not that the weather has realised yet, it's very cold at the moment. I went to a wedding over the weekend, my first for 30 years (apart from my own!) and how the bride coped with the outdoor photo session without turning into a block of ice is testament to the power of love (or maybe she was wearing thermal underwear.)

I've finally had the okay to write 2 more books for my publisher, which is both a relief and a thrill, and has given me a big burst of motivation. Knowing my writing efforts will be rewarded with publication and - most importantly - be read by actual people fills me with inspiration. I can't wait to get going. I have the plot worked out, but will probably deviate slightly, as usually happens - though the ending rarely changes once I have it fixed in my mind.

I've worked out another two stories as well, but am unsure yet which of those will be next. I'll need to break off soon to complete edits for my already-written book, out later this year, but that's always how it works - one being written, one being edited, and a later one swimming about in the recesses of my mind.

Meanwhile, Amanda Brittany and I are in the process of submitting our next novel to publishers, which is exciting and a bit daunting as there are no guarantees, but we're confident it will find a home, and soon we'll be embarking on our next book as we have the outline ready. 

Marking out these things brings home the passing of time and how quickly it flies, but there will hopefully be other nice things happening apart from writing - maybe even a tiny holiday at some point.

One thing I'm looking forward to is getting back in the garden, which I barely look at during the winter months. The grass desperately needs cutting, and the pots need replanting. My inner teenager is telling me I must be getting old - gardening is what my granddad used to do - but I've  reached the age where the attractions are obvious: being in nature; exercise that doesn't feel like exercise; the reward (that word again) of seeing the seeds that were planted last year grow into something beautiful - just like a book ☺

                                                                                     Spring is springing...         

Here's hoping your spring is mild and fruitful!