Thursday, August 9, 2012

Waiting, Writing and Catching Mice

Hello August, where the devil did you come from?

It would be nice to have exciting news to report, but although my meeting with Lovely Agent Lady in July was exciting and productive, and my novel is now with a publisher, the wait goes on. I kept my fingers crossed for a while, but found it difficult to get anything done and had to uncross them again.

Instead I've been getting on with novel 3, writing stories, and feeling quietly pleased that the German version of My Future Husband has finally been published in, er, Germany.

I've even been interviewed by the lovely Mel Sherratt at High Heels and Book Deals, which made me feel important for a few minutes, then I had to get the dinner on and deal with pesky mice running riot.  I'm starting to worry our house is made of cheese we get so many furry visitors.

Anyone got a good recipe for mouse-pie?