Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Publication Day


It's eBook publication day for my third psychological thriller My Sister's Child, and I'm thrilled to see it finally out in the world. It's my twistiest story yet, but packed with emotion too, and I can't wait for readers to ... well, read Jess and Rachel's story.

Early reviews have been great, which is always a huge relief, and my editor emailed today to say that The Works will be taking copies when the paperback comes out in February, which is another thrill as there's nothing more amazing to a writer than seeing their printed books on a shelf in a shop. It's also a great way to get more copies into readers' hands, which is the aim after all!

In the meantime, I'm racing towards the deadline for my next book, provisionally titled The Lies You Told. It's the first time I've written a solo book from alternate viewpoints, told in alternate chapters, but I'm enjoying getting to grips with two very different female characters.

Hard to believe we're now in December, with Christmas around the corner. I took some time off writing to put up the tree this week, which involved the inevitable battle with the fairy lights, which still got tangled despite me being sensible and wrapping them up carefully last year! I got there in the end ....

I also took a day off writing (always happens close to deadline, I do anything but write) to meet my lovely friend and co-author Amanda Brittany for a hot chocolate and lots of chat about writing and life in general, and came away feeling motivated to Get On With It, as always.  

                                                    (The polar bear had a lovely time too!)

Whatever you're doing for Christmas this year, I hope it's happy, healthy and stress-free and that 2022 is the year we finally get back to Normal!