Friday, September 2, 2016

Good news

A wonderful start to September, as I've been signed by award-winning digital publisher Bookouture for a three book deal.

I'm going to be writing a series of romantic comedies set in a Dorset seaside town, and the first - The Beachside Sweetshop - is due to be published next March. All being well. I still say that, as I feel like I'm tempting fate otherwise.

I'd been looking at Bookouture's website at the beginning of the year, after reading how well they'd done in a short space of time, selling almost 3 million ebooks, and realised they publish a lot of authors whose books I've read and enjoyed.

I was daydreaming that my writing might be a good fit for them one day, so was utterly delighted to be approached to write a series, set in a particular location, where characters from one book would pop up in another.

I love writing rom-coms - more com than rom - so it was really a no-brainer, and growing up in a seaside town made it easy to think of a location. I managed a first draft of the first book in around 3 months, and while waiting for editorial feedback I'm getting on with the second.

I've been to feel very welcome already and it feels wonderful to be part of a supportive and talented team - I feel I'm in strong and capable hands.

It's also great to have a goal to work towards, and a brilliant incentive to write every day, but of course that doesn't happen as I'm still amazing at procrastinating, and only knuckle down properly once the deadline can no longer be ignored.

And now it's getting to that stage, so it's sleeves up, head down - time to Get On With It.

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