Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Christmas from Renee and me

So, the last time I updated my blog, one book had been published, and I'd just finished co-writing a psychological suspense novel with my lovely friend, Amanda Brittany.

Back then, the sun was shining, summer was underway, and there was still a good six months to Christmas. So how in the name of Peter Rabbit is Christmas here, just a few days later?? It makes no sense at all.

Yet, things have happened in the meantime ...

We sadly lost our beloved Mollydog in July, just shy of her 13th birthday. We're still getting used to not having her around and miss her a lot. We'll probably get another, but it doesn't feel quite right yet.

Then I finally finished the first draft of my standalone novel, which is awaiting another going over before I send it to my agent for approval (or disapproval. Hopefully, the former.)

The co-written novel has been out with publishers for a while now, and we're still waiting with bated breath to hear some news. Preferably good news. Although all that bated breath is taking its toll; we're red in the face and light-headed now.

Another joint novel is underway, and there'll be more of that in the New Year, all being well. (I always add 'all being well' to avoid 'tempting Fate'. A habit I can't seem to break.)

I've read lots and lots of books, more than ever, thanks to under-the-duvet Kindle reading before sleeping at night and sometimes first thing in the morning. I like to think reading good books helps me hone my writing skills, but mostly I just like reading good books.

A rather bizarre highlight of recent months was the actress, Renee Zellweger, rocking up at the house opposite ours ...

with around twenty film trucks, multiple extras, actors Jim Broadbent and Celia Imrie - among others - to film scenes for the new Bridget Jones movie.  Embarrassingly, Renee spotted my daughter and me, standing on my bed to get a photo, and waved. Which was nice. I doubt we'll make it into the movie though.

And on that bombshell it just remains for me to say, as I have for the past eight (yes EIGHT) years, thank you for reading, supporting, and being generally lovely all year.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

See you in 2016 (all being well.)


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Sounds like an interesting year, Karen! Hope you hear good news about your book soon. Sorry to hear about your beloved pet. How exciting (or not!) to have a film crew and famous actors beside you.

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Sue Blackburn said...

Aw Karen the same to you. And hope all your projects work out brilliantly for you which I'm sure, if there's any justice, they will (all being well, NO scrub that,) they WILL!!)

Have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant 2016 :-) xx

Faye said...

Merry Christmas, Karen and all the best to you--all being well--in the new year.

Teresa Ashby said...

Happy Christmas, Karen - I'm looking forward to reading your next book and have everything crossed you hear good news from the publishers soon about the co-written novel. Hope 2016 is full of good things for you xx

Amanda said...

Have a brilliant Christmas, Karen. 2016 is going to the be THE year - I just know it! X

Deborah Carr said...

Very happy Christmas to you too, Karen! Crossing everything that you hear great news from the publishers very soon. x

DAB said...

Clarkey a film extra! I can see your name in flashing lights. Can I 'ave your autograph?

Hope 2016 is a good one for you m'dear. Keep smiling :-)


Karen said...

Thank you Rosemary, and all the best for 2016 to you :o)

Many thanks, Sue, and Happy New Year!

Thanks, Faye, and the same to you :o)

Thanks so much, Teresa, and best wishes for the coming year :)

I hope so, partner! Here's to being published in 2016 ...

Thanks Debs, and lots of luck to you too :o)

I tried to wangle my way on set, but there was far too much security :o(
Hope 2016 is good for you too, Tommo xx (keep painting!)

Wendy's Writing said...

Just caught up with this post. It's too late to wish you a Happy Christmas so will wish you a Happy New Year instead and lots of luck with all your writing projects x

DAB said...

I've side stepped into sculpture! Aiming to set up a website this year, will send you a link if it comes to fruition! Keep writing, no slacking now :-) Tommoxx

Karen said...

Thank you, Wendy, and the same to you :o)

Please do, Tommo, I'd love to see it, you clever multi-tasker xx

Patsy said...

Happy new year, Karen!

Karen said...

And to you, Patsy :o)