Saturday, January 31, 2015

Flying Start

It's often hard to feel motivated at this time of year - the bleak mid-winter and all that, plus it was my *%th birthday in January - but writing-wise things have got off to a flying start, with several short story sales, and a trip to meet my editor at their lovely Little, Brown offices in London.

Once there, I had to stop myself stroking all the shiny new books arranged temptingly on shelves and tables, and from staring around, wide-eyed like a girl in a story, visiting New York for the first time (or doing something equally awe-inspiring and dream-come-trueish).

I'm sure if my lovely agent hadn't been with me, keeping the conversation on track, and asking relevant questions, they'd have assumed I'd wandered in off the street, and arranged to have me escorted out of the building.

As it was, there are plans afoot to publicise my third novel before it's release in June, so we brainstormed a few ideas and I came away feeling enthused and raring to go.

So here I am, gazing out of the window, snow blizzarding (is that a word?) down, and I'm suddenly in the mood for writing a Christmas story, even though it's too late for that. Or too early.

Still, I've found that when inspiration strikes, in any form, it's best not to ignore her. Inspiration is a her, I'm sure. I can smell her perfume.*

*Clearly my meeting in London has made me more mad fanciful than usual.


Wendy's Writing said...

I think you were very restrained, Karen. I think I would have kissed each book if I was in your shoes. Look forward to hearing all about your third book - all very exciting!

Unknown said...

Sounds like an exciting outing. Waiting for more news about the new book.

Amanda said...

Your visit to Little, Brown's offices sounds very exciting, Karen. And I agree, inspiration is definitely a her.

I can't wait to read your third book! X

Georgina Troy said...

Congratulations on your short story sales.

How exciting to be invited to the Little, Brown offices for any reason, let alone as one of their authors! I think I would have been a little in awe (a lot!) too.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

What an exciting time, Karen - you're absolutely allowed to be starstruck!

Karen said...

I was very tempted, Wendy, but thought I'd better aim for 'professional'!

It was definitely a highlight, Josefine :o)

I'm glad you agree that inspiration is female, Mandy. She is at the moment, anyway!

Thanks, Georgina :o) It was hard not to look impressed - I think they could tell!

Thank you, Rosemary :o) It definitely inspired me to keep writing.

Patsy said...

I agree - it's best to write when we're inspired to write a particular story rather than wait for the 'right' time.

Karen said...

It's the only way that seems to work for me, Patsy :o)