Friday, February 29, 2008

Tagging the dog

"Look at my lovely new collar. I'm a laydeee, you know."

We didn't realise, until we read the small print on our new doggy insurance policy last weekend, that it's illegal for your dog not to wear a collar and name tag in public. Gulp. Molly did have a lovely red collar when we rescued her four years ago, but being a (not very ladylike) creature, she soon rolled in something unmentionable and it was ruined. As she'd been chipped, we decided to let her go au naturel - a sort of doggy naturist, if you like. She's got a neck to be proud of, we reckoned. She's not too proud to show it off. It's never gonna wrinkle like...ahem...some I could mention. Plus, it would be sort of...freeing.

Anyway, once we'd been enlightened it was a case of sod that, let's get down to Dogz 'r' Us. You can be fined up to £5000 apparently.

She seems to have taken to it, anyway, and has come over all regal-looking. The only thing I'm not sure about is the colour. Call me old-fashioned (go on, I don't mind) but I've always thought pink and orange clashed somewhat. Like blue and green, which should never be seen - without something in-between. According to my gran. Or blue and green should never be seen, unless it's on a gypsy queen, depending on her mood.

Funny how these sayings stick in your mind.


Anna said...

I think she looks just lovely!

and that comic... fab!

Debs said...

I love her red collar. Grumpy had a new one recently too - red too. she looks very regal in her photo and I can't imagine her rolling in unmentionables.

Lane said...

Aw she looks so gorgeous and proud of her lovely necklace:-)

Teabag wears a red collar and her tag with pride. She loves wearing it because she is a very sensible girl. Peggy on the other hand.....:-(

'Blue and green should never be seen'.
Who thought of that?? Very nice together I say. Maybe Peg would wear blue and green?

Tom Foolery said...

She looks soooo cute TFX

Anonymous said...

Molly is beautiful. I had no idea dogs needed to be collared in public. £5000 seems a bit steep doesn't it? Car thiefs and muggers get less than that!!

Crystal xx

HelenMH said...

I bought Smudge a collar once ... he went out into the garden and came back five minutes later without it. I took the message and gave up!

Faye said...

Molly looks quite official and regal. How do you manage to get her to stare quietly at the camera? My Boy runs like I'm after him with a stun gun.

We have very serious penalties for dogs not wearing their license and shots tags--especially pit bulls.

Casdok said...

The collar looks great! She looks very smart!

Maddie Moon said...

Aw, she looks very chilled in her new collar. Millie, too, has a red collar, I think they're very 'in' this year.

womagwriter said...


When we moved house I bought my cats collars and name tags, in case they decided to run off. Regal purple for the queenly one, and yellow tartan for the clownish one. They've both lost them since, but are settled here anyway.

My Nan used to say blue and green should never be seen except for on an Egyptian Queen. Which narrows even further the number of people who can wear that colour combination.

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