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Highlights and Fairy Lights

I don't know where the time's gone this year - though I probably say that every year.  It's been a lovely one writing-wise with quite a few highlights.  My first novel finally came out in Germany and seems to be doing well, thank goodness.

I met my lovely agent, Lisa, and she published My Future Husband as an ebook and even threw a little launch party last week in London, which I thoroughly enjoyed and made the most of, though I managed to knock over and smash a glass of wine.  And that was before I'd even drunk any.

Short story sales have topped 120, which is nice.  I so enjoy writing them, but have had to put them on hold this month to try and finish the draft of my third novel, but I can't wait to get back to them.

My second novel is still out with publishers, and although I haven't heard anything back yet I remain subbornly optimistic.  Whatever happens I won't be giving up writing any time soon - I still love it far too much.

Aside from writing I got …


After several months of flipping through* the lovely German version of my novel, and scouring the net for favourable reviews (amazingly there are a few) and wondering if I should perhaps learn the language so I could read it myself (God knows why when I wrote it and should know every word), I'm delighted - nay THRILLED - to announce the publication of an ENGLISH ebook version of My Future Husband available to download RIGHT NOW.  (I must stop shouting, it's not professional.)

This turn of events has come about thanks to my agent, Lisa Eveleigh.  As well as being a fabulous agent, who is still badgering publishers to buy my second novel, she and her wonderful team have launched The Paris Press as part of a new writing consultancy and MY FUTURE HUSBAND is their very first publication.

Call me shallow, but I particularly love the cover design and have gazed at it for so long I've almost developed a squint.

Obviously it remains to be seen whether anyone will want to read the …