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After several months of flipping through* the lovely German version of my novel, and scouring the net for favourable reviews (amazingly there are a few) and wondering if I should perhaps learn the language so I could read it myself (God knows why when I wrote it and should know every word), I'm delighted - nay THRILLED - to announce the publication of an ENGLISH ebook version of My Future Husband available to download RIGHT NOW.  (I must stop shouting, it's not professional.)

This turn of events has come about thanks to my agent, Lisa Eveleigh.  As well as being a fabulous agent, who is still badgering publishers to buy my second novel, she and her wonderful team have launched The Paris Press as part of a new writing consultancy and MY FUTURE HUSBAND is their very first publication.

Call me shallow, but I particularly love the cover design and have gazed at it for so long I've almost developed a squint.

Obviously it remains to be seen whether anyone will want to read the damn thing, but if you like your women's fiction with a dollop of humour and a pinch of time-travel - or know someone who does - then it might be up your street.

If not, I'm going to have to buy every single member of my family (even those I haven't seen for decades) an e-reader for Christmas, and bribe them into downloading it.

Talking of Christmas ... no, let's not.  I haven't even started shopping yet.

*I haven't JUST been flipping through the book, otherwise I wouldn't have managed to do any housework.


Librarian said…
Make it easier for us to download the ebook by adding a link to your post - if your other readers are anything like me, they'll appreciate not having to "hunt around" for it :-)
And then I only have to decide whether I'll read it in German or English...
Karen said…
Thank you SO much for reminding me, I was so excited I forgot that bit! x
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Karen!
And may I just add that the cover looks fabulous on the Kindle!
Sue Blackburn said…
Congratulations Karen. Thrilled for you. :o) xx
Bernadette said…
Having been privileged enough to read a copy a few months ago I can happily say that it's a great book and you deserve lots of success with it.

Great that it's now available to the non-German-reading public!
Teresa Ashby said…
Congratulations, Karen - that is a brilliant cover and I bet the book is brilliant too. I shall be treating myself :-) x
Patsy said…
That cover is very pretty.
Anonymous said…
Clarkey, PLEASE could you buy me an e-reader too? Love the cover:-) Tommoxx
That's wonderful, I'm hoping for an e-reader for Xmas, so will definitely buy it. And I love the cover! Squint-worthy.
Anna May said…
SO exciting! Well done and when I get an e-reader I will definitely be reading it.

Anna May x
Karen said…
Lane - Thank you :o) I really love the cover!

Thank you so much, Sue :o)

Bernadette - You're a star, thank you so much :o)

Teresa - Thank you, I really hope you enjoy it :o)

Patsy - Thanks so much, I like that it's not too 'girly' :o)

Tommo - Would you believe I haven't got an e-reader myself! I had to download a Kindle app onto my PC so I could get a copy :o)

Rebecca - Thank you so much. I hope to be reading yours in the not too distant future.

Anna May - Thanks so much for the support :o)

This is great news Karen, well done. I'm so pleased for you.
Karen said…
Thanks Maria :o)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Karen, it's a classy cover, I love it.
Amanda said…
Karen said…
Thank you Susan Jane, I love it too :o)

Thanks Mandy - wouldn't have made it without you!
Anonymous said…
Another Novel Racer gets to the finish line.
Mel said…
Oh my - I hadn't realised it was out yet. Thought it was today - rushing off to buy my copy. I was honoured to read it a while back and thought it was amazing! Best of luck, chick. Yay! Mx
Karen said…
Ah yes, the Novel Racers :o) Thank you Captain Black.

Mel, thank you. I hope you enjoy the 'proper' version!
Congratulations, Karen. It's a lovely cover and the book is on my tbr list.

PS It's actually at the top of the list. xx
Karen said…
Aw thanks, Suzanne :o) I'm looking forward to reading yours!
Susie Vereker said…
A fun read, congrats! Great characters, made me laugh aloud :)
Karen said…
Thanks SO much Susie, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :o)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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