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Home and Away (with the fairies)

How on EARTH can we be halfway through August already?  I'm sure I've entered some sort of time-warp where everything's speeded up.

It's been a busy month already as I've squeezed in a ten-day visit from my mother and a four day trip to the seaside, and I've a few days in Bruges with my daughter coming up next week.  I've already been to Prague this year, so have somehow gone from barely leaving my desk (loyal readers - if they're still out there - will recall my aversion to travelling) to zipping about as though I've got ants in my pants.

I still find travelling rather stressful and am always glad to get home, but seeing new places does give a fresh perspective, and spending time with loved ones is always (well, usually) a very good thing.

I'm looking forward to settling back into a writing pattern - oh, who am I kidding? I've never had a writing pattern - if I did it would look like this...

but I do miss the routine of writing when I…