Friday, February 1, 2008

Nothing better to do?

This is completely pointless but ultimately harmless - I think. I blame my brother, because he started it.

Type your name and the word 'likes' into Google, like so...(for those of you who don't understand plain English - honestly I don't mean to be patronising...)

and see what comes up. And - er - that's it really. I told you it was pointless, for heaven's sake. You can't sue me.

The idea (apparently) is to find the oddest, the most random, the most similar or the polar opposite of YOU. My search results yielded a few gems -

Karen likes gambling - not true (honest).
Karen likes her independence - true.
Karen likes watching videos, eating crisps and belly-dancing - not at the same time, I don't.
Karen likes pop music and dancing in discos - I do!! Well, I did...
Karen likes scrambled eggs, with onions and cheese - not onions, definitely not onions.
Karen likes her rock wild, hard and heavy - oo-er!
Karen likes to use Omega coconut oil in curries - I would never eat a curry, let alone cook one!

Probably the least like me is Karen likes to run half-marathons - makes me sleepy just typing it.

Most like me - Karen likes spending time with her family (well I have to say that, don't I...)
and my favourite... Karen likes banjos. ?

I suppose a lot rests on what your name is, of course :o)

Well, that's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back.


FPDuck said...

I just tried that... and the first one that came up (literally the second link) wasn't entirely family-safe (it was about George Michael and dirty jokes... nothing too shocking, I promise).

So then I tried 'Mike' instead of Michael and the fourth link was 'Mike likes Bush'... Which, quite frankly could easily be construed as not entirely family-safe if it weren't for the capitalisation.

And aside from one Myspace video which suggests I enjoy obscene language, the rest are entirely dull (Such as- 'Mike likes Debian', which is a Linux distribution).

It's not fair...


Lane said...

1)'Lane likes the American flag.' Well it is quite pretty.

2)'Lane likes other people's property'.
She certainly does!

Cor it's a good job it's Friday evening Karen or I'd be 'grrring' you:-)

lol at fpduck's comment too!


Mike - Oh dear (tries not to laugh). I was hoping for something a bit risque myself, but my name's clearly too dull :)

Lane - I know, I know, sorry, I tried to stop myself. A quick look tells me that, apparently, Lane likes to shock the reader too but we won't go there...

CTaylor said...


I got:

Cally likes Tuaca (I used to, back when I was a 20-something whipper snapper)

Cally likes to watch foreign language movies and documentaries (foreign films maybe)

Cally likes to let the children decide on their own (whose children exactly?)

and, er, that's about it. There aren't many people with my name.

SpiralSkies said...

Mine helpfully gave a link to "DVDs jenny likes to watch when she'd not modeling nude".

Crikey. Cosmic. How did they know?!

I also like to dance and punch people. Must improve my dance technique. Being punched is the least people should worry about, especially if I start jigging during nudeness.

Karen, if I have nightmares about this...

Debs said...

Debs likes Daron, SOAD and LOTR ???

Debs likes to laugh - I do

Debs likes to have a nice house Deb likes to play piano, swim in the pool or relax in the spa - wouldn't mind

Debs likes to drink her Negroamaro with pizza - not sure what that is.

I really must stop this now and get on with some writing!

Tom Foolery (TF) said...

Tom Foolery likes:-
your stuff dude
to create fantastical situations
friends, mucking about, dancing.
to play the game of pondering
Good post Clarkey. TFX

HelenMH said...

Lots came up for Helen (what with it being such a common name!) but I particularly like ... Helen likes nothing more than to think strategically ... Oh, if only that were true!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Sarah likes to walk in the woods, smell Colleen’s armpits (?), oranges, bananas, steak and kidney pudding, bacon and eggs, tripe and onions, black pudding and treacle tart and custard, clouds and rugby.

5 of these are true, the rest I must obviously do in my sleep

Annieye said...

Oh dear. I typed in "Anne likes .." and "Anne likes it up the *****" came up. I swiftly changed it to "Annie likes ..." and got

Annie likes to go Buh-byes
Annie likes life
Annie likes the Lion King

(much more ladylike and refined)

Maddie Moon said...

Hey, I think there might be something in this because this just doesn't work for me with the name Maddie.

But with my real name, I'll say it quietly, it just about sums me up.

Jill likes Jack (obviously)
Jill likes Bill (not as much as Jack)
Jill likes it a lot too (that goes without saying)

Poetess said...

Well you have just saved me ten minutes of my life. My name is Karen too. Like you I didn't own many of the statements-particularly the curry Yuk. I could like banjoes if there were a nice guy playing it whilst leaning on a lamppost.


Minx said...

I got loads of boring stuff when I put in Kate - but then I tried Minx - Heh!


I'm surprised (and a tad relieved) there weren't more, ahem, rude options to be honest!

Leigh said...

Oh, Karen, this is so funny. Okay, so I did it too:

Leigh likes to collect ducks
Leigh likes boys
Leigh likes the stone seat at the penguin display
Leigh likes ice cream sundaes made with Soy Whip topping, zombie movies, art, and sleeping. (That's one hellva sundae!)
Leigh likes it on the bottom
Leigh likes to jump out and scare people. Yeah!

When I put in my real name (not telling) I got things like needlework, reading, and relaxing on my family farm.

So sad.


Leigh - I'm guessing your real name is Doris....

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