Pigs might...cycle?

Cycling Pig

Ridiculous. Disturbing? Tasteless, even.

But strangely... cute.

(Honestly, who thinks of these things??)


L-Plate Author said…
That is so funny, Karen! It brought a smile to my face on a horrible, bloody freezing northern afternoon. xx
Clarkey, What only only one pig! I demand pig(lots)! TFX
Lane said…
He's an earnest little pig isn't he!

Who does think them up. Is it you??:-)
Alis said…
The boys thought this was hilarious and want to know if there's one of a pig flying as well?!
Annieye said…
He looks as if he's making a bit of a pig's ear out of that - pedalling so fast and getting nowhere!
HelenMH said…
Oh, I love it! Especially his little legs going!