Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Mondays

Came across an article called How to avoid author scandals on the Guardian website, which made interesting reading.

Passing off a novel as a memoir, a la James Frey, seems the height of silliness to me. Fibbers invariably get found out, even when they're not famous. Doh!

Then there's that sticky subject...plagiarism. If you are going to quote someone else's work, at least acknowledge it somewhere in your own. As for dressing up 'in character' to meet your public...actually that sounds fun.

The bit about well known authors using a pseudonym, but having their own name on the novel as well made me laugh. I understand they're trying a different genre, but I'm sure devoted readers can make up their own mind whether to try it or not. It reminded me though, that when I was eleven I had a poem published in Judy comic, (I'm still dining out on it) and I decided that if I did become a 'proper' writer, I'd use the name Sylvia Rivers. God knows why. It made me sound about ninety even then. I thought it was terribly sophisticated. Maybe I could use the name in a story and get it out of my system?

Love the term sock-puppet, by the way. I may have to wangle that into a conversation this evening.

On another note, I received an award from Faye today, for my "good writing and wicked sense of humor" which puzzled me for a minute. Then I thought, what the hell? If that lady has been reading someone else's blog instead of mine, who am I to argue? Thanks Faye! I'm going to pass it on to moondreamer for her impressively long (and interesting) posts, and Lane 'cos it's the only one she hasn't got ;o)

Oh and if you've got time, I've started another blog with yet more self-indulgent wibblings and a-wafflings here. Why the hell I don't just Get On With the Novel and stop pestering you all, I've no idea.


Maddie Moon said...

Sylvia Rivers has a certain ring to it. I always think if I ever got a novel published I'd want my own name flashing out from that spine so everyone would know it's me!

KAREN said...

Exactly! Thank goodness I grew out of that phase :o)

Casdok said...

You were in Judy!!! Brings back memories!!
Congrats on the award!

Debs said...

Sylvia Rivers, reminds me of a woman boss I used to have. I've spent many an hour over the years thinking of what I could call myself but gave up in the end and decided that if I should ever be published then I may as well use my own name.

Lane said...

Karen Clarke as Sylvia Rivers

Now what genre would that be do you think? Bodice ripper?

Thank you for the award:-) Mwah dahlink xx

HelenMH said...

I vaguely thought about using a pen name when I started writing - but life's confusing enough isn't it? As it is I have to put up with constant jokes about Oscars and Mel Gibson!

Moondreamer said...

Congratulations on the award, Karen ... I agree with Faye!

Yes, write a story about Sylvia Rivers, what a great name! "Sock-puppet"? Is that a link, I can't seem to get it to work?

Thank you for passing the lovely award on to me, you've made me feel all warm and fuzzy! And it's lovely to know you find my posts interesting, that really means a lot! x


FPDuck said...

Sylvia Rivers? An interesting choice... But I don't think it would suit you (though I suppose that's the point of a pseudonym).

I've often thought if I would ever use a pseudonym... I don't think Fireproof Duck would look good on a cover though... I'll have to think of something else...

I love the term sock-puppet. I've never used it before in that sense, but I shall now!

Have you ever watched the extra on the DVD of 'The Incredibles'? They did the entire film in sock-puppet format "in case they missed the deadline".


KAREN said...

casdok - I loved Judy - espcially the ballerina stories!

debs - I think that's a wise decision :o)

lane - I'm thinking Regency romance - lots of swooning and hanky-flapping. (Sounds like a euphemism...)

helenmh - Maybe I just wish my own name was more interesting!

moondreamer - I've sorted out the link! It's not a term I've ever come across before, and made me smile :o)

Mike - I definitely don't feel like a Sylvia Rivers! Fireproof Duck would certainly draw a crowd - can you imagine being introduced at a book signing??
We've got a copy of the Incredibles somewhere - I've never watched it properly (hangs head) but I'll go and dig it out :o)

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