Friday, February 15, 2008

Celebrity Morph


I couldn't be Catherine Zeta Jones, or...someone gorgeous. Oh no. My celebrity lookie-likey is that flipping bloke that used to be in Lost. A bloke. Charming.

Try it, though. It's fun.


Alis said...

Scary. Very scary. But at least a fit bloke, rather than, say Johnny Vegas?!!!

Maddie Moon said...

Oh my goodness, but what a bloke! Never heard of him, but he's truly gorgeous. Yum, yum!

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Truly scary but definitely better than morphing into Lock or Hurley (sorry guys but you are the ugly ones in the Lost gang). I think I'd rather morph into a gorgeous man than a facially-challenged woman - anyway I'm going to give it a go as my computer seems to be behaving itself for a change.

Debs said...

Ive just tried it and apparently I can be morphed into Julie Andrews, Missy Elliott...wait for it, Peter O'Toole and flippin Gandhi, also someone called Brande Roderik (who is the only reasonable one there!)


alis - Johnny Vegas? Now that is a scary thought!

maddie - I suppose he is quite handsome. I'm still a bit insulted though :o)

sarah - I think you're right actually, although one of my female matches was actress Clara Bow in her younger days,which isn't too bad!

debs - Oh dear! Ghandi?? At least you're in good company...I think!

womagwriter said...

There's a point, during the morphing process, in which you have a beard.

I think there's something you can buy in Boots for that.

I am so not going to try this thing - I dread to think who I'd morph into. Probably Jo Brand or someone.

SpiralSkies said...

I thought it was Tom Cruise. In which case, I would fancy you, if you're taller than Tom?

I'm not doing it either. I might have to punch my pc on the nose if I do.

I had my hair cut v short once.

'You look just like Liza Minelli,' someone commented.

'Isn't she an ancient drunk?' I replied, cautiously.

You get my drift. You are most dishy though. Oh dear.

HelenMH said...

Yes, I'm also too terrified to try it!

Lane said...

No matches found.

Slightly perturbed I have an unmatchable face:-(

Your match is scarily close (in a good way!) And at least you know that if you start to grow whiskers, you'll still look groovy:-)

Annieye said...

Oo-err! Lovely picture of you and even though you morphed into a bloke he was very handsome.

I'm going to try it.

Tom Foolery said...

ET & The Elephant Man, me thinks time for a face lift TFX

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