Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A meme, from Womag Writer.
Five ways you raise your vibrations...(keep it clean, now).

Walk through fields of sunshine with Molly-dog
Or rain. Or snow, or hail come to that. Not wind though. Especially not when it's combined with rain. Or snow. Or hail. Especially not hail.

Play my guitar (badly)
Like writing, I find it totally absorbing. One day, I may take my talents to the underground stations of Old London Town, and you can all toss pennies at me.

Books have always been like friends to me. No offence to my real friends, of course. There aren't many situations where a good book won't make me feel better (once the jealousy has worn off).

Dance to loud music
I love dancing. I used to frequent nightclubs when I was younger, and throw interesting shapes on the dance floor. Now I just throw my back out in the living-room.

Spend time with my lovely family
It always reminds me why I'm in a bad mood what the point of everything is.
Well...not always. You get my drift.

Lots of people have already done this, so I 'm going to tag Mike Sarah and Sarah *G* on the off-chance they haven't. And I don't think they have because I do read their blogs, you know.

Look forward to your answers :o)


aliqot said...

I just dropped in to have a peep at your blog - very entertaining. And it reminds me I still have to write my answers for this meme.

Enjoyed the doggy bits too, though we have two cats. The only lesson from them is this. Shout loudly and you'll get plenty of attention - or thrown outside.
Not a lot of use for writing, then.



Ooh, I don't know. Might work for some writers!

Thanks for popping by :o)
I like peeking at your blog, and noticed you'd been to Yorkshire recently - my old stomping ground. Absolutely loathe curd tart though (hangs head in shame).

liz fenwick said...

Great meme - made me smile. Love dancing - used to do it when I worn to the bone with kids and needed lifting - my spirits not them but that sometimes happened :-)

womagwriter said...

Guitar, hey? Being a busker must be a lot like being a writer. You just have to throw your art out there in the hope someone might like it.

HelenMH said...

You should be kept busy doing all of those!

Lane said...

lol Mrs C:-)
I love all your choices, especially the dancing, walking, books and spending time with family. Oh that's all of them except guitar. That I'm very envious of and shall be the first to lob coins at you, when your London Town pitch becomes available:-)

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at the Read answer. Reminds me of myself. My motivation is just at an all time zero at the moment!
Happy Valentines Day btw.

FPDuck said...

Ouch... hail. Yeah, I remember many a hail storm from the "shelter" of a bus stop. Hail and wind are not nice.

Well, I'm going to have to think about this. Be warned now that I may break into song.


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