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Flying fingers

Excuse the lack of intelligent blog postings (not that they ever were) but I'm using all the words in my brain for my novel right now. Long words, short words made-up words and even clever words like Circean - which refers to beauty of a dangerous kind. I know that because I've just looked it up. I haven't really used it (I'm not that clever) but I think I will now, I like it.

To meet my deadline I have to write 833 words a day, which sounds easily achievable until you factor in everything else I have to do. Miss a day and suddenly I've got, er, 1666 words to do the next day - miss that get the picture. 4200 words a week it works out at (don't sue me if I'm wrong, Maths was always a weakness) which sounds downright scary, but even so. I'm determined to do it. I'm enjoying doing it.

And if I don't do it everyone will know I'm an eejit, and I really can't have that.

It would make me feel like absquatulating.


Suzanne said…
You CAN do it.

Loved your story in June's Fiction Feast. Got all misty.

HelenMHunt said…
I think there must be something in the air/water. So many people are getting their heads down and cracking on with novels (even me!). It's really inspiring.
Come on get those fingers moving faster woman! I can help. Do you want me to do your ironing, walk the dog, wash the kitchen floor, Bake you a cake! ;-) Tommox
Oh, go to it, girlfriend!!!
Denise said…
Faster, faster! OK, so I shouldn't be here either, but aren't we all getting lots done! Well done you, now back to it!
Getting on with it, I see. Good for you!
liz fenwick said…
You can do it. I'm aiming for 2000 words a day for the month of May. Yesterday i had to set the egg timer for 20 minutes to break through the brick wall in front of me - I had no idea what the next scenee would be. I wrote crap for but I did write the next scene and the one after it - you can do it!!
ps love the words :-)
Good on you getting all those words down. I am so busy reading 'How to write a novel', 'How NOT to write a novel, 'How to overcome procrastination,'How to get motivated'....oh you get the picture....Procrastination at its very best!
JJ Beattie said…
Wow, fantastic news. Just don't miss a day, then eh?

(I haven't written a word since I got to the UK! I'll be back in BK tomorrow and jetlagged... eek)
Queenie said…
Ooh, you sesquipedalian, you! Forget blogging, the novel is more important. Go meet that deadline, you can do it, Go Karen Go!!!
Tam said…
Hurrah! Just don't delete this one!!
Fiona said…
Karen, your blog posts are always full of lovely words. Me, I've just left a comment on NRs using 'writing' three times in three lines. How unwriterly is that?

Mighty impressed with your deadline tactics. You'll do it.
LauraCassidy said…
Good Luck!!! I've tagged you in my blog :)
Anna said…
your witty repartee is missed, but absquatulate with those WORDS!!
Lane said…
Go, go go! We don't want you absquatulating anywhere:-)
It's amazing how quickly those words mount up when you miss a day.
Debs said…
I should be writing far more than I am at the moment.

Keep going, you can do it. So can I, so I should stop faffing about and get on with it right now.
Amanda said…
I'm 100% sure you can do it, Karen! :-))
Cait O'Connor said…
Good luck Karen!
I love learning new words. The word verification spells modicate..better look that up :-)
Leigh Russell said…
Don't feel you have to use 'clever' words that nobody understands... (if you think about it, what would be the point of writing?)

I suppose it's because of the genre in which I'm writing, but if anything I tend to try and simplify my language. I don't want my readers to notice my words, but just read the story. That's my aim, anyway. Feel free to criticise it!
Lorna F said…
Really go for it, Karen and good luck! In the past I've found setting word targets works for me, especially if you go on to beat your daily target, even by a little: it gives you such a boost. But I've also had the sinking feeling of missing a few days and knowing there's a lot to catch up with to get myself back on schedule. I'm rooting for you so much. XX
I LOVE THat word! To absquapulate...or however it was spelt. Keep going Karen. I want to read this book!!!! Fx
Alis said…
Go for it! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed...
joesanchez said…
Anything can be within your grasp if you don't let it go. Keep the dream alive and kicking. Feed the hole each and every day, Soon you find it's no longer a hole!

Good luck to you.
SpiralSkies said…
You're doing it, you're doing it!

That's the spirit. Good girl. Giddy up and all that.
Annieye said…
Go for it. It's good to set targets. Now we need some good old PIs to keep us on track.

(Performance Indicators for the uninitiated into local government!)
Fia said…
Karen, your NR post mentioned your friend and my WIP. I would love to run a little by her if she's interested?

My email:

Sorry, couldn't find a contact for you.
Karen said…
Thanks Suzanne, it's nice to know people have actually read my little words :o)

helenmh - Must be a Spring Thing! Long may it last :o)

tommo - But what if you get it wrong and bake the dog, wash the ironing and walk the cake?? What the hell, I need all the help I can get!!

bfs - I will :o))

jan jones - My fingers are aching a little bit though ... :o)

denise - I'll pretend I didn't see you here (but you're doing well too by the sound of things)!

wordtryst - 'Bout time I lived up the blinkin' blog title :o)

liz - 2000 words a day is very ambitious, but it's surprising how the words start flowing once you get going! (Hey, that rhymed!!)

mob - Lol! I've read just about every How To book there is - now it's time to put it all in to practise :o)

jj - I've already missed several days, but have somehow managed to catch up (tiring but fun!)

queenie - Wot a marvellous word! Does blogging count as word count? Okay, I know it doesn't :o)

tam - Ooh, don't remind me!! Never again :o)

fiona - That's because writing is such a loverly word! I do like a deadline, but keeping it up is the thing (as it were!)

laura - I'll consider myself tagged :o)

anna - I'm absquatulating, honestly I am!!

lane - It does sound rather messy, when you put it like that! You can't get rid of me that easily anyway :o))

gonna be a writer - That's the scary thing. I'd better do my best not to miss too many!

debs - I'm really determined this time - can't bear ANOTHER year to go by without getting it Out There!

amanda - Thank you, and back atchya :o))

cait o'connor - Modicate should definitely be a word, even if it isn't :o)

leigh russell - There's often the temptation to slip one in, but as soon as you read it back you can tell it doesn't fit! Best keep things natural, I agree :o)

lorna f - It's a real rollercoaster of elation and panic - but I'm getting there slowly but surely :o))

fionnuala - Ooh, I'm not going to let anyone read it, that would be far too embarrassing. Oh ...

alis - Thank you! Looking forward to yours :o)

joesanchez - I need no encouragement to feed my hole Sir, but I get where you're coming from :o))

sprialskies - Ooh, I came over all Black Beauty then! Neigh doubt I'll get there eventually :o)

annieye - Performance Indicators - I like it! Bring 'em on :o)

fia - That threw me for a moment!! And reminded me my email address has gone awol for some reason. Have put it back now, and I'll be in touch :o)
Fee said…
Best of luck with the novel. You will do it. You have the story in your head and the determination to get it done.

Good luck and best wishes.


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