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Twelfth time lucky

Author Sophie King was signing copies of her new book The Wedding Party at an independent bookshop near where I work today, so I thought I'd pop along.

What gives me hope with my writing is that, despite being a successful journalist and prolific short story writer under her real name, Jane Bidder, Sophie wrote 11 (yes eleven) novels before finally getting published. One of them was rejected because her agent had taken on another novel that was too similar. How annoying must that be?

But she Never Gave Up. And neither will I - despite my porridge elbow giving me gyp (jip? gip?) grief. Although it's better than it was, so I can't complain!


Lane said…
That certainly gives hope and proves the need to keep going - jippy(?) elbows and all:-)
Denise said…
11! I'm not sure I possess such stoicism... Did she have a good queue of people. Book signings (unless enormously famous) always seem like an opportunity to sit at a desk looking nervous! Felt very sorry for one I saw once. Hope the porridge sets soon!
My goodness, that lady deserves a prize just for endurance! I don't think I could have managed that.
Anna said…
just gotta keep plugging away... hope that arm is feeling better soon!
HelenMHunt said…
Porridge elbow is a sad affliction and no mistake! But you have the true determination to make it Mrs!
liz fenwick said…
it does give you hope and more you talk to published authors her story is told over and over.

Pleased the elbow is better.
I echo what everyone else has said that there is hope for the rest of us. Glad to hear that the elbow is on the mend.
Dumdad said…
Crikey, 11 novels. I've only written two rejected novels so maybe I'd better try again!
Suzanne said…
That's good to know. Makes my, erm...can't bring myself to admit the number in public...rejected total seem acceptable.

Hope the elbow keeps improving.
SpiralSkies said…
Can you not get a transcriber to do your typing for you while you recline in a writerly fashion upon a velvet chaise longue?

Keep-going-ness is clearly a trait required in this malarkey. Having read Sophie King's book on being a writer, a tend to think that if she can do it, we all can!!!! (Don't tell her I said so though)
Queenie said…
I've lost count of my unpublished total (mostly not even sent to publishers or agents, although a few have been). Yes, it's keep-going-ness that counts. Glad the elbow's on the mend.
Jumbly Girl said…
Eek 11! I better get writing quicker.

Hope jippness of elbow eases. I have a jippy/gyppy toe but fortunately it doesn't affect writing ability (so i have no excuse)
French Fancy said…
You must never give up, Karen. This blog proves you can write - it's only the lucky break that is missing (only! - jeez, that little impossible word)
Debs said…
I'm so pleased she got published in the end. I loved her book The School Run, and look forward to reading this one.
Pat Posner said…
Have you tried resting porridge elbow on one of those lavender-filled sausage-shaped 'pillows' that you warm in the microwave?
Worked wonders when I wrapped one round my porridge neck.
Karen said…
lane - It does indeed - I wonder if she has a jippy elbow?

denise - There was a good turnout, and it's a tiny bookshop which helps!

wordtryst - I'd definitely have given up after ten ... :o)

anna - That's the key I guess, and my arm's hurting from mowing the garden yesterday!

helenmh - I can't think why it's not in the medical dictionary!

liz - It does seem to be true for most authors - maybe not 11, but more than 1 :o)

gonna be a writer - I'm not sure I possess that sort of resilience, but maybe getting close a couple of times keeps you going :o)

dumdad - Only two?? You're a mere beginner and should definitely try again :o)

suzanne - It definitely knocked my paltry ONE into the shade - felt almost ashamed :o)

spiralskies - I love the sound of reclining on a chaise longue - I might have look on ebay!

I must admit I wasn't too impressed with that writing book, but then again she's been published MANY times over and I haven't!!

queenie - I'm lagging a bit behind on the number of novel, both published and unpublished - defintiely need to get on with it :o)

jumbly girl - I have a jippy toe too, but that's another story! Good job we don't need our feet to write with :o)

french fancy - (Damn, just writing that makes me hungry!!) You're too kind. I am hoping for that lucky break one day though :o)

debs - It would have been mean not to after all those attempts!! I enjoyed The School Run too :o)

pat p - Thank-you, that's a really good idea. In fact I'm going to investigate this very day :o)
Amanda said…
Ooh, that gives me hope too! And good on you 'never' giving up!! x
Annieye said…
Now that's what you call determination!

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