Tuesday, May 12, 2009


If you'd care to swivel your eyes towards m'word counter you'll see that I'm now over halfway through the novel. These are the most words wot I have written since I managed a whole one a few years ago (when I was young and foolish) and I'm Very Chuffed.

Also I wrote the word Penis yesterday, without blushing. In the novel, not on the pavement or anything. It was in context, but quite humourous as I still can't write Serious Sex without imagining my mother's expression.

Which is totally unfair as she's probably more open-minded than I am.


Lane said...

Phew, glad you didn't write it on the pavement. That would be slightly worrying.

Hurrah for half way there! Well done my girl:-)

Nic said...

"...not on the pavement or anything"
Hehe, that would be some pretty tame graffiti. But still quite funny.
I love your blog by the way, not sure I've commented before but I enjoy reading it.

Queenie said...

Oh well DONE you ARE making progress!!! Keep it up now, y'hear?

Denise said...

Hooray, keep going! You're braver than me. I've got around having to have any sex in my book by making her boyfriend a wanted criminal on the run! Then again she's tempted to have an affair, curses, maybe I haven't escaped it yet!

Chicklit Addict said...

I just read the word Penis without blushing. It's all progress!

good on you for getting to the half way point!

Anna said...

excellent word count!!! and yeah, that is a tricky word to get past...

what comes next? :)))

a virtual cuppa is sent your way... cheers!!

Alis said...

The halfway mark is a BIG milestone - makes you feel you really can do it! Best of luck with the second half, Karen.


Clarkey, I'll get the Graffiti Gang to write it on the wall for you ;-) Tommox

Fionnuala Kearney said...

Must be the day for it karen - pop over to mine becasue I also blogged about the SEX word today and how hard (no pun intended) I find it to write. x

HelenMHunt said...

You're doing so well. Nobody in my novel has any bodily parts. It's so much easier that way.

Debs said...

Sorry, finding it hard to type. Laughing too much.

Amanda said...

Yay! You is doing fantasticallllly :-)

Annieye said...

You brave, brave girl. My characters do not have naughty bits!

Well done on getting half way.

Bernadette said...

Well done you, both on the word count and on that particular word!

Tam said...

Am applauding madly - well done on the word and the words :-)

Gonna be a writer said...

Well done. A big pat on the back is deserved I think.
Glad to hear you're not graffiti-ing the pavements with 5 letter words.
Keep up the good work.

Suzanne said...

Well done Karen - on both counts.

SpiralSkies said...

Well, you know what they say... the penis mightier than the sword... or summat... no, I don't know either.

Cor, well done. Now get back to it. We're expecting great things you know.

Pat Posner said...

So many tongue in cheek replies methinks!
Well done on the word count and er...keep it up.


JJ Beattie said...

Cor. Fab. And what HelenMH says: no body parts! Much easier. Leave talking about willies to the blog (which is what I do.)

Jumbly Girl said...

Brilliant Karen- well done!

I have skirted round my protagonists penis throughout my novel even though it plays a major part - not sure how I've managed that.

Now looking forward to reading your novel in print one day and waiting for the P word to pop up

KatW said...

Well done you! It's a great feeling to get past the half way mark. You feel like you're on the way to finishing.

Kat :-)

womagwriter said...

Well done!

Didn't some 18-year old paint an enormous penis on the roof of his parents' house while they were on holiday? Got into trouble, that lad did, when they spotted it on Google Earth.

Wordtryst - Liane Spicer said...

Good going, Karen!

Jean said...

Well done with your word count. Penis on the pavement and penis in your novel-in-progress, nah, not impressive. But writing 'the word' on your blog, wow, that's brave!

Anonymous said...

Well done. Now you should feel confident that you'll finish it. The novel, that is, not the word.

I wonder if people in real life (as opposed to on blogs) use the word penis? Apart from medical people, I can't imagine them not using a slang term. It seems wrong whenever I read it in novels, whereas if characters say cock (or alternative), it seems more believable.

If you do decide to take up Gray's Graffiti then make sure there are no police watching. Otherwise you might have to use the word in court!

Lorna F said...

Congratulations on reaching halfway, Karen! Well done and keep going. I agree that writing about sex is really difficult and even bigname writers embarrass themselves with it, witness the annual Bad Sex literary award. I remember giving my aunties copies of my book when it came out and worrying they'd think 'Oh, so that's what she gets up to?' My comfort was that although they were delighted to receive the book and proud to put it on a shelf, I don't think either of them actually read it. :)

Susie Vereker said...

Glad the p word was in context, Karen! Yes, love scenes are tricky. I no longer have a mother but there's always somebody's reaction to worry about.
Congrats on wordcount.
Personally I think the pre-passion tension is all!

Leigh said...

Ha! You wrote the word penis on your blog too - now that Google knows it's here, and the world will know too. So, it's not just your mum anymore!

Karen said...

lane - Only because I couldn't find any chalk :o)

nic - Lovely to see you here, and yes it would be pretty lame compared to some of the grafitti I've seen!!

queenie - Keep it up!! Oh I see, you weren't being rude at all ...

denise - Not having any sex in your novel would be CRIMINAL ( see what I did there??)

chicklit addict - I haven't quite got to the stage of reading it without blushing yet :o)

anna - Thanks for the cuppa - and the P word is as far as it goes!

alis - You're right, I feel like I'm on the home stretch :o)

tommo - As long as they spell it properly ;o)

fionnuala - It is terribly hard to keep up, as it were. I think I'll be leaving it at that to be honest!

helenmh - Well of course it wasn't a real you-know-what, it was knitted ...

debs - Well that word tends to make me laugh too!

amanda - Better than I have for a while anyway :o)

annieye - It was part of a funny scene - I don't think I could write it seriously :o)

bernadette - I don't know which I'm more proud of!!

tam - Thank you ma'am :o)

gonna be a writer - Graffiti's definitely not my style, but neither's writing rude words normally!

suzanne - Cheers m'dear (takes a bow) :o)

spiralskies - Very good :o))

I thought about throwing a vagina into the mix, but thought it would be a step too far.

patp - It had to be said!! I'll be concentrating on the word count from now on. No more rude words :o)

jj - Ooh, willy's a much better word, but it wouldn't have sounded right in the context. My MC is quite prim :o)

jumbly girl - The thought of skirting round a penis really made me laugh, so thanks for that :o)

katw - I do feel a big sense of relief - only, er, several thousand more words to go!

womagwriter - Ooh yes, I read about that! Naughty - but funny :o)

wordtryst - Thank you - I'm on a roll at the moment :o)

jean - Actually I probably shouldn't have - I may have some disappointed visitors!

captain black - It does sound rather formal, but the word suits my MC as she's rather uptight about such matters :o)

lorna f - Oh I hope they did read it! And yes that would be awful, being rewarded for writing bad sex - I'd rather not bother :o)

susie v - You're right, I'd much rather allude to it, but I've used the word in a humorous sentence rather than a passionate one - I don't think I could have coped with that!

leigh - Oh lawks, you're right. Damn. I think I'll just skim over it and write another post!

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