A day at the zoo

I've sold a story to Woman's Weekly for the first time, so I'm Very Pleased Indeed.

It fair took my mind off traipsing round Cotswold Wildlife Park in the pouring rain and a howling wind (don't know what went wrong there - the weather forecast was quite good). The fellow above made me smile though. Looks rather like a cartoon guinea-pig.

I never did find out what he really is, and I'm not sure I want to.

And there were lots of things in threes ...

What's that all about??


L-Plate Author said…
And so you should be pleased, well done you, you're racking them up!

And if you refer to the magpie song, three is for a girl. You don't have anything to tell us, by any chance?!?!...x
Nic said…
I've been there! I, too, was amused by the giant guinea pig-looking things. I found out their name but do you think I can remember now? Of course not!

And my word verification is OVENCITY. That's also kind of amusing.
Teresa Ashby said…
Congratulations! First of many I hope!
Love the photos - at least the pouring rain tends to keep the crowds away!
Debs said…
Many congratulations. I've just bought the Take A Break Fiction Feast and yours is the first story I came across (haven't read it yet).

I think that pic is of a wombat? No, not sure.
Jan Jones said…
Hey, well done you! They've just rejected something of mine so they are obviously getting very picky indeed and you should be congratulating yourself big-time!

I nearly know what that is a photo of - but not quite.
Dumdad said…
Wow, congrats big time!
Jean said…
Congratulations! And lovely pics.
Karen said…
l-plate - Thank you, I'm quietly pleased :o) And no I most certainly don't have any news in THAT department!!

nic - Ovencity - I love it!

Maybe those giant guinea pigs have no name ...

teresa ashby - Thank you, and yes it was surprisingly quiet considering it's half-term!

debs - Thank you I hope you like it, and I'm not sure what it is to be honest - I'm sticking with giant guinea-pig!

jan jones - Thanks so much - makes up for all the rejections!! And that comment about nearly knowing made me laugh :o))

dumdad - You're too kind sir - but I am pleased :o)
Karen said…
jean - Oops, nearly missed you there, and thank you :o) Batteries kept running out on the camera though, so missed lots of lovely sights!
Queenie said…
Capybara, I think. And congratulations! Looks like menages a trois have reached the animal world (how's that for a story prompt?!).
Lane said…
Oooh congratulations! That makes loads this year! Brilliant.

Love the little warthoggy chap:-)
Congratulations. That's a market that I'm yet to crack. What's the secret? Great pics.
HelenMHunt said…
Maybe they don't know that three's a crowd?
Fia said…
Oh, well done you. They have hundreds of submissions so you've obviously written a great story - can't wait to read it.

Love the piggy.
Suzanne said…
Well done, Karen - don't forget to tell us when it's in.

Love the photos.
Pat Posner said…
Oh, congratulations, Karen. Great news!!
Love the GGP!
Cait O'Connor said…
Congratulations Karen, I am so pleased for you.
Amanda said…
Congratulations, Karen - YIPEE!

Lovely photos too! x
JJ Beattie said…
Brilliant. I am so pleased to hear you are Very Pleased Indeed. So you should be.

Lovely pics.
Anna said…
yeah!! how very cool... :)))

love those pics too, btw...
Honeysuckle said…
Well done you! - I always think of WW as the cream of the mags and the hardest to please. Somewhere between 'predictable' and 'unlikely' there's a rich but extremely narrow seam of subject material and tone that they judge acceptable. (Always assuming you deftly sidestep 'well-worn theme'...)
Yvonne said…
Hurray hurray Karen, that's fantastic news about your story! And great pictures.
Phillipa said…
Congrats on your WW sale. :)
Congratulations and that's just awesome! ♥♥ Cheers and hugs!
Flixton Mum said…

I was just down the road (I think) camping at Cotswold Farm Park. It was lovely weather there, were you in a weather vortex?
I managed to put a hole in my favourite boots though, waking to the toilet block in the night.

Well done on your sale too.
Casdok said…
Shame about the rain but sounds as though you had an interesting time :)
joesanchez said…
"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same and still retain the ability to function...One should, for example, see that things are hopeless yet be determined to make them otherwise." ---F. Scott Fitzgerald
Karen, I'm back in blogland and delighted at your news! Well done you! Fabulous. I'm smiling for you girl. x
Karen said…
Wonderful words - thank you all for your lovely comments, they mean such a lot :o)
Mina Maundrell said…
ohh little rabbits :) those pics are lovelies
Liane Spicer said…
I think the mystery guy is a capybara, native to tropical South America (my closest neighbour). I could be wrong.

Huge congrats on the WW sale! You're smoking, lady!
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