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Hot off the Press

Okay I probably need help, but I couldn't resist this -

The print's rather small so you might have to click on the image (don't bother it's not worth it) and it's here if you've not got anything better to do.

Now I really must get on with it.


OMG! You had me there for a moment! I love this!
Jan Jones said…
Brilliant. In the spirit of true friendship I have instantly stolen it and used the link for my blog too.
Amanda said…
Absolutely hilarious, Karen. What a great start to Thursday.
:-)) (I'm still chuckling!)
Debs said…
I love it. I'm definately going to have a go!
Helen P said…
Brightened a gloomy day for me1
Dumdad said…
Stop Press! Hold the front page!

What a lot of fun!
L-Plate Author said…
Isn't that a typing error though, (23)? I thought you said you were 21...

I love this! I am being ever-so writerly-prolificky right now this minute, in fact.

Oh. Hang on a minute. No I'm not. Bum.
Anna said…
you are so darn CLEVER!!!

thanks for my morning chuckle... :)))
How fantastic! I shall write my own and knock 5 stone off myself!
Suzanne said…
Great post, Karen.

And huge congratulations for making the final ten in the WF/WW competition.
womagwriter said…
That's brilliant! Just got my hubby going, by creating a snippet about one of his student-days escapades and saying, look dear what I found on the net.
Lane said…

Right Ms Karen Clarke (23) -call your mother, do you hear!:-)
Excellent Ms Clarkey. TFx
Lily Sheehan said…
I thought this was for real when I first starting reading it. Good one lol
Fionnuala said…
Love it!!! Want one. Will get one later. Have no time today....Fx
Jean said…
Great! Thanks for giving me a good laugh.
Lorna F said…
Brilliant, Karen!
HelenMHunt said…
WHere do you find these things? You are a genius!
Leigh said…
You as much as 23? I still reckon you look 17 in your photo (well, the previous photo, perhaps) ;-)
Brilliant Karen!!
Meant to ask you as an you have magic machines at your library to retuen books? At Bodmin we have a machine with a large slot where you put all your books in, it scans them all at once, then gives you a return date. My kids think they are magic cupboards!!
Karen said…
bfs - Naturally I've used dramatic license ;o)

liane spicer - But it's all true!

jan jones - Quite right too - and you used it wisely :o))

amanda - Honestly (she huffed) anyone would think I'd made it all up!!!

debs - I like that you can say whatever you want and believe it :o)

helen p - It's a true, heartwarming tale I'll have you know :o)

tam - You should do one about your show!

dumdad - It was fun, giving that interview. Sigh ...

l-plate - Damn, you've sussed me! I've finally owned up to being a couple of years older ;o)

beleagured author - But you can be! See, all you have to do is believe it :o))

anna - It's not so much clever as true, you know ;o)

mob - But won't that bring you down to 4 stone? :oO

suzanne - Aw, thanks for that I was really chuffed.

womagwriter - What a good idea, I wish I'd thought of that!

lane - I promise I did, and we had a good long chin-wag :o)

tommo - I hope you believed every word :o)

lily - I've almost convinced myself to be honest!

fionnuala - There's a story there somewhere - "writer has no time for silly stories shocker ..."

jen - What do you mean a good laugh? I get the feeling people aren't taking me seriously!!

lorna f - It's all true you know (although I may have fibbed about my age) :o)

helenmh - There's a generator of such nonsense, but I can't remember where I found it!

leigh - You're too kind madam - and my photos aren't even airbrushed!!

patp - You're welcome to have a go :o)

michelle - We don't have the magic machine at our branch yet, but there is one at our main branch which is why we had to update our system and get rid of the beloved date stamps :o(
Karen said…
liz - Why thank you. I only lopped a couple of years off my real age you know :o)
Fantastic - I'm going over there right now.

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