Friday, May 9, 2008

Desert Island doings

"Our last phone call and you've renewed your
subscription to a writing magazine?"

The Terrifyingly Talented Tommo has tagged me for a Desert Island Discs-type extravaganza. Which is nice. Especially as the sun has disappeared this morning, so here goes...

"So my lovely castaways, as a treat YOU are being sent to that Desert Island. (An exciting prospect yes! or maybe no!) To add a quirky twist to the journey, before you leave you're going to be granted a final three course dinner to include drinks of your choice to be cooked by a world class chef.

So tell me what you want to have for your:

1. First course
I don't do first courses. They fill me up and leave me no room for pudding
2. Main Course Spam, cheesey mash and baked beans (no-one said it had to be classy)
3. Sweet Sticky-toffee pudding with custard (mmmmmmmmmmm...)
4. Drink Tonic water with a little bit of ice and lemon (bit 1970s, but I like it)

Whilst your dinner is being carefully prepared, all you now have to do is sit back in your comfy chair with your pre-dinner drink and chose the items you are going to take with you to the desert island:

1. One piece of music/song. I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash (always cheers me up)
2. One book. Adrian Mole - he makes me laugh
3. One luxury item. A bed. Can't be doing with all that sand in m'pants.

Right...I'd better pack my bags go to work.

What would yours be? I won't tag anyone, but feel free to let me know down below.


Lane said...


And a bed is a very good idea. Very good indeed:-)

Lane said...

Doh! I forgot to finish that by saying you could hide some contraband magazines under the mattress ... writing ones of course:-)
I need coffee badly.

Debs said...

I can understand the bed. I can't imagine life without a good pillow!

HelenMH said...

Would I be allowed to take my laptop? Oh, and I'll need an internet connection obviously ...


SPAM!!! Very classy indeed. "I can see clearly" that you are one sneaky woman, don't you be lead astray be Lane now. No contrand is permitted, the mattress will be checked before your depart.OK.

The Terrifyingly Talented Tommo, please! Methinkls the heat has got to your old brain woman.
Have a productive writing weekend. Tommox

Yvonne said...

Oh the bed is a good choice...I second that.

Kerry said...

Spam?? I'll have to take your word for it - was under the impression it was banned after WW2? But cheesy mash - with you all the way!

KAREN said...

lane - Contraband is a very good idea. Cake would have to feature somewhere. To soak up the Spam, of course. Actually, that sounds horrid...

debs - Me neither. Takes me ages to find the right pillow as well!

helenmh - Laptop would be allowed. Not as comfy as a bed though :o)

tommo - You ARE talented, woman! And I'm not going if there's no contraband allowed. So there. (It's gonna be a bright, bright, bri-i -ight, sunshiney day...)

yvonne - A king-size one at that!

kerry - Don't diss the Spam! Not a sentence I use very often.

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