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Busy, busy

It's funny how, now I'm working overtime at the library, as well as doing my weekly book review and writing a story a fortnight for my other blog -set up by the lovely Calistro - I'm actually doing more writing than when I had less to do. If that makes sense, which it doesn't. Actually, it does. If that makes sense. Which it doesn't. Etc.

When I have lots of time to write, I seem to fill it with fluff. Washing, faffing, baking, gardening, cleaning fluff. Expecially cleaning fluff. Literally. There's tons of the stuff. I blame Molly. She sheds fur like we need it to live on.

I suppose having less time focuses the mind. I've had two more novel ideas for a start, this week. One is another romantic comedy and the other a psychological thriller, and I've made a start on both while they were fresh in my mind. I miss writing when I'm at work and figure if I don't make time, I'll never get anything finished. Dur - as the Teens would say. When I have time I always think, well there's plenty of it - I'll start writing as soon as I've finished...fluff cleaning. Except I don't, always.

What's that saying? If you want something doing, ask a busy person. Or in my case - if you want me to write a novel, give me a full-time job. Not that I'd take it. I'm too busy writing.


Lane said…
You're on a roll! Overtime must suit you:-)

Can sympathise with the fluff. My two are shedding for England at the moment but I have a trick. Put on your grippiest shoe ie a trainer and paw at the rugs/carpet. It gets all the hair up and it saves getting the hoover out. For fluff anywhere else, avert your eyes, preferably to the keyboard:-)
Calistro said…
I'm exactly the same! Some Sundays I have the entire day in which I could write but, instead, I end up doing a quick 30 minutes between TV shows or at 1am and then feel guilty for wasting what should have been a 'writing day'! Much better to be busy, squeeze in that 30 mins somewhere and feel all proud of yourself! :oO
Debs said…
I completely see what you mean. I manage to fit so much in when I have little time to do it or deadlines but when I have a reasonably quiet day I tend to get bugger all done. So frustrating.
kallioppe said…
I'm the same way Karen. When I was working full time I managed to write a novel, a half of another AND a short story collection. Now I spend my free days doing laundry, sorting out cupboards, checking email and blogging. But of course I call it 'writing'. Dur.
Tam said…
Since I've only been *seriously* writing since January this year, I am starting to wonder what I did with all the time before I used it for writing....
HelenMH said…
I'm exactly the same - the more time I have, the less I do. Maybe it's that when we have less time we treat it as more of a precious commodity?
womagwriter said…
God you make me laugh! Take that full time job and use the extra time it generates to write a comic novel. You're a natural.

And yep, I'm the same. Am currently writing far more than I was, despite the keep-fit surge, the DIY surge, the full time job and two kids, and the necessity of spending time on the beach while the sun shines.
KAREN said…
lane - Good idea. Beats grubbing about with sellotape wrapped around my hands. I do a bit too much eye-averting though, hence the hairy build-up!

claistro - Mad isn't it? Must be human nature though, if we're all the same :o)

debs - Bring on the deadlines, that's what I say! I'm not very good at setting them for myself though.

kallioppe - It's weird isn't it? Maybe those other tasks should be called Research ??

tam - It does make you wonder how you fitted everything in, doesn't it? I'm just the same :o)

helenmh - That's a bloomin' good point. Pity I'm not aware of it more often!

womagwriter - Ooh thank you - comments like that keep me going...for my sins! Amazing what we can cram into 24 hours when we try :o)
Yvonne said…
I know what you mean Karen. I work better in short bursts - my daily schedule reflects that. Keep up the great work!

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