Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's snow-time

Molly's always intrigued by snow, bless her. Aren't we all? Especially at this time of year. Mind you Easter is very early - the earliest since 1913, apparently. I can never understand why that happens, but I'm sure there's a Very Good reason.
You can't really see from the picture, but big, fat snow-flakes are a-falling, and I seem to be finding them oddly inspiring. I've already read half a book, rattled off a short story and a chapter of my novel-in-progress, and found some lovely writing quotes this morning, which is highly unusual for me.

What, no procrastinating?? No weaving about in jim-jams, looking for stodgy food products? Actually, I normally work on Saturdays, but the library is closed for Easter. Maybe I'm 'programmed' to work no matter what, like a rather wishy-washy robot.

Anyway, a couple of things I read earlier really struck a chord with me. "Think about your backstory, because that's where the theme lies," by Margaret Graham, was a light-bulb moment, and the other was a passage from The Writer's Voice, by Al Alvarez, who says, "writers don't just hold, as t'were, a mirror up to nature, by creating an imitation of life; they create a moment of life itself," which I thought was rather lovely. He goes on to say that "the writer works to find or create a voice that will stretch out to the reader, make him prick his ears and attend." Wise words, indeed.

"Have a lovely Easter" are also wise words, but probably won't inspire anyone. Except to stuff their faces.

Now where did I hide those eggs? (In your tummy - Ed)


Casdok said...

C and i have just come in.Its freezing out there!
Happy Easter!!

HelenMH said...

Wise writing insights indeed! I've been trying to work all day, but feel like I haven't actually achieved anything :(

Debs said...

I've been out all day and it's nine degrees here and sunny so I doubt it will snow even though J & S are desperate for it to do so.

Well done for achieving so much today, I wish I could say the same.

Happy Easter to you too.

Leigh said...

Okay, so when you've finished your book, could you come over and give me a hand with mine?

Tuesday okay for you?

Anna said...

a lovely Easter to you too! I felt like a total IDIOT when everyone else seems to know what a TAB is...

and how to use it properly!

btw... Molly dog is such a gorgeous gal.... :))))

Faye said...

Oh I love the picture of Molly studying the snow. We had tentative snow in mid USA as well today. By the way, what is Molly's breed--or is she just a really great Heinz 57?

Lane said...

Aw look a Molly:-)

Hope you're having a good Easter m'dear. x

KAREN said...

Thanks, Casdok - it's still freezing!

helenmh - I feel like that most days :o)

debs - The sun did come out eventually, so the the snow didn't last long :o(

leigh - I think I might have run out of steam, already!

anna - No you are not alone! Molly is gorgeous, but she doesn't like other dogs I'm afraid.

Thank you Faye - Molly is a labrador/border collie cross apparently - a nice combination!

lane - She uses her cuteness to get her own way, the minx :o) I've eaten too much chocolate...

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