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Might come in handy

How come I've never seen one of these bath book-holders before??

Looks rather useful. I don't like champagne so would have to replace it with tea, possibly. Maybe soup. I don't think I'd be reading a book about monsters, either. On the plus side, it makes your legs look ten years younger and there's no sign of a jelly-belly.

This could be the solution to those soggy book moments. Although knowing me, I'd upset the damn thing climbing out, send the candle flying and end up with a fire on my hands - not to mention a soggy book and a bath full of carrot soup.

Actually, sod the fit legs - it's a death-trap.


Sarah Dunnakey said…
Despite the hazards to life and leggy limbs - I want one! Think I would spend even longer in the bath than I do now though, not necessarily a bad thing. A writing pad would just as easily fit onto the holder and who knows it could be a productive few hours - Agatha Christie used to write in the bath so it's worth a try :)
Cal said…
My bathroom is so small I can just put the book I'm reading on the loo (with the lid closed of course!) but oooh, a glass of champagne in the bath. There's decadence I've never indulged in before! If I get myself an agent I'm soooooo going to drink champagne in the bath in celebration (and everywhere else in the house!) :o)
Debs said…
Oooh I need one of those. I could also do with my legs looking more like hers in the picture too.

Wonder where you get them from, the book holder thingy (I've given up the idea of ever having nice legs).
Paul Capewell said…
I was shelf-tidying today and came across an old book which held details of water sources and water boards rates in Bucks in the 19th Century. It felt a bit tatty and, sure enough, when I opened it, inside the front cover was a hand-written note saying it had water-damage. Hah!
KAREN said…
sarah - Actually, I want one too now you've mentioned the writing pad. I often get ideas while turning wrinkly in the bath :o)

cal - It does sound like something a published writer should be doing, doesn't it? Make sure you start stocking up :o)

debs - They sell them on Amazon - I'm very tempted! (Book-holders, that is, not nice legs, sadly...)

paul - It wasn't me, honest... Funny how it was a book about water sources!!
Sarah*G* said…
So are they not your legs then?
HelenMH said…
There does seem to be quite a lot of potential for disaster there I must admit!

And where is it we get the nice legs then??
Kerry said…
Karen, this may turn out to like the time a colleague introduced me to kitkat chunky, at first I was overjoyed and then slowly I realised I was trapped in a bliss of my own making. I am off to amazon to get one of these now, but if I end up typing you a comment, wrinkly fingered and compaining of bubblebath poisoning, on your head be it! :)
Lane said…
Looks like that decadent monster reading hussy has got two glasses of champers - or am I seeing things:-)
Maddie Moon said…
Oh, I was just about to scrub you off my xmas card list thinking they were your legs. Like Lane, I can't understand the two champagne glass scenario. I mean there's no room in that bath for two people and if there were you wouldn't be wasting your time reading a book. Clearly, they haven't thought this thing through at all.
Minx said…
Would love to see the headline in the paper....


or in The Sun...

KAREN said…
sarah *g* - I wish! Perhaps they come free with the book holder :o)

helenmh - I'm pretty clumsy and can't really be trusted around candles!

kerry - Mmm, I love Kit-kat chunkys! I must admit, it would be tempting to sit in the bath all day, slowly shrivelling up :o)

lane - She is coming across as a bit of a trollop. Unless one of the glasses contains a urine sample...

maddie - Definitely not my legs, sadly :o( I suppose you could read a bit of poetry to your beloved, if you were so inclined.

minx - 34DD? Again, I wish. Mind you, "Flat-chested, wrinkly, wannabe-writer, in soup, candle and kiddie's book fiasco," doesn't have quite the same ring, somehow...
Carolyn said…
LOL. There's no way this would come in handy around here. My three-year-old would distroy it in two seconds flat. I can at least dream about a bubble bath with champagne and a good read can't I?
liz fenwick said…
I want one espeically as it hides the jelly belly!
Lily Sheehan said…
I'm definately gonna get one of those. I couldnt resist taking My Booky Wook (did i mention i was reading that?) into the bath and its in hard back so was a bit difficult to hold. As a result it got a bit soggy! Thanks for the post. you should work on commission!!
Anna said…
that's quite a picture there... :)))
Amy Appleton said…
I just can't read in the bath. I think it's a bit pointless. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had a bath!?

Now, if someone could invent a shower-reading device, then I'd like THAT.
KAREN said…
carolyn - Dream away! I can't actually remember the last time I had a long soak in the bath :o)

liz - It must have magic properties!

lily - You're welcome! I never thought of that...if their sales go up I'll know why :o)

anna - Not me, sadly!

amy - Now that's a good idea...a water-proof book-holder. Look out for me on The Dragon's Den!
Leigh said…
Why two glasses of wine? Where's the other person gonna sit then? Kinda cosy, huh?

Yeah, I thought they were your legs too, and I was admiring the lengths you go to to get good pictures for your blog, although I was a bit worried about the photographer balancing on the end of your bath like that.
KAREN said…
leigh - I suppose if you had a good book and a couple of glasses of wine on the go, you wouldn't care about squeezing anyone else into the bath!

I wish they were my legs. If they looked like that, I probably would post a photo of them :o)

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