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Don't ask me how (no, really don't) but I stumbled across a strangely fascinating website yesterday, called Fridgewatch

Procrastinating wildly, I decided to photograph the contents of our fridge (see above) and analyse the results. They say you are what you eat, which is rather worrying. Notice the retro tin of sliced peaches? How the hell did they get in there? That's Lovely Husband for you. He'll be cracking open the evaporated milk to go with them later. He recently came home with a tin of squid chunks, which I think speaks for itself. That little jar top right, is bloater paste. That's his as well. I could never eat something with such an unappealing name. The red cabbage isn't mine either.

I clearly need to go shopping. If you check out the fridges on the site, you'll see how healthy their owners are. Either that, or they've filled them up first, specially. There's nothing green in ours at all. It really doesn't reflect our diet. Honest. It's normally stuffed to the rafters with watercress, broccoli and tofu. We definitely don't live on pickled onions, sweetcorn and cheese.

Not all the time, anyway.


HelenMH said…
I'm refusing to look in/think about my fridge at the moment as it's still making a funny dripping noise and I can't work out why!
Tom Foolery said…
Bloater paste, sounds very interesting, tell us more? TommoX
Pacha said…
I always need to go shopping. My fridge is pathetic. It always manages to look empty even after a shop (yes, that is because the shopping doesn't ever make the fridge, it tends to go straight to my belly).
Maddie Moon said…
My husband, too, has a thing about tinned peaches. Weird.

What do the teenagers have to say about the contents, or lack of, of your fridge? There'd be a bit of grumbling this end.

Obviously we only have extremely healthy things in our fridge too, none of those cheese slices, pepperami sticks or choux buns or anything of the sort. Tch, no.
Faye said…
Not to question your motives Ms. Karen, but this looks like a fridge who's maintainer hopes to get taken out for dinner.

Bloater paste? Yes, tell us more.
KAREN said…
helenmh - Yes we've had that problem..unfortunatley it resulted in having to buy a new fridge!

tommo - It's fishy, I'm afraid. Not very interesting at all. In the world of celebrity it would be D-list :o)

pacha - I tend to shop every day, rather than one big shop a week, so the fridge often looks like that, sadly!

maddie - The teenagers do grumble, but that's mostly because I WON'T buy cheezey dippers etc! I do still quite like tinned peaches, oddly :o)

Faye - That's a good plan actually! Bloater is fish apparently. With a name like that, it's not going to go far!
Lane said…
I find myself acting like a Red Tomato on 'Ready Steady Cook' and trying to work out what could be made with ham, pickled onions, natural yoghurt and a creme caramel:-)

Any ideas:-)
KAREN said…
lane - Something that would definitely upset my tummy :(
nuttycow said…
At least the food in your fridge isn't frozen solid... for some reason the fridge in "the most expensive flat in the world" (TM) decides to switch itself to Arctic every morning resulting in very interesting frozen produce.

Debs said…
Despite spending a fortune on Saturday morning at the shop my fridge looks decidedly bare.

Ive never heard of bloater, don't think it sounds too appealing either.
KAREN said…
debs - It's not!
Leigh said…
It's so clean...
Milla said…
Just Leight says, I was struck by the clean, neat orderliness of it, bears no relation to the scruffy, piled high area of neglect which is ours!
KAREN said…
leigh & milla - It definitely isn't clean - all in the lighting I'm afraid!
Swearing Mother said…
We had a kitchen fitter guy come round last week to give us a quote for a new kitchen/fridge/cooker etc. I thought he'd just have a look, write a few measurements and then go.

Unfortunately he opened my fridge to check the size, and was nearly killed by the avalanche of crammed in bags of old veg and salad (on a diet), eight old milk containers (couldn't be bothered to go out and put them in the recycling bin) and a runaway half grapefruit, growing it's own fur coat.

The annoying thing is, my fridge is usually pristine but as my husband's away at the moment I've reverted to kitchen-slut mode, just for the fun of it.

Oh the embarrassment.
KAREN said…
swearing mother - That's so typical :o) When we had our boiler fixed recently the plumber had to move our fridge to access the main water tap, and in doing so released a terrifying stench of sour milk where a carton of milk had been spilt and not cleaned up properly. He looked (rightly) disgusted.
FPDuck said…
Your fridge isn't so bad... back when I was in Uni, I had to share an under-counter fridge with two other people. Now one wasn't so bad. She worked in a health food shop, and her diet was pretty much like mine, but with meat.

But the other... lived on ready meals and high-sugar items. He was the kind of lad who drank straight from the carton because he couldn't be bothered to wash a glass. Not only did he use 50% of the freezer space (in a house of 6), stuffing it full of processed potato products, he also left opened jars of jam on their side in the fridge.

And I had the shelf underneath him.

KAREN said…
mike - That's made me want to go and clean the fridge, Right Now. And I never want to go and clean the fridge...

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