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Soup Strategy

Look at my new soup mug. It's as big as my head. Only £2 from the store formerly known as Marks & 'Spensive. It was to be part of a cunning new strategy for Getting On With It, which would involve keeping a flask of soup to hand (preferably tomato) for top-ups, and a plate of homemade flapjacks - for energy and being Worthy - to stop me circling the kitchen with a lustful gleam in my eyes every ten minutes, looking for sustenance. Brilliant!
And I have to say, it went quite well yesterday. (Novelty value, clearly). On a bit of a high, I thought about turning the phone off as well today, to avoid further distractions, but worried that if the school rang with Alarming News I'd be forever known as The Mum who Turned the Phone off When the School Rang with Alarming News, so that wasn't a go-er. I nearly switched the radio off, but I wanted to know who was playing in the Live Lounge on Radio One so that didn't happen, and I rather like hearing Loose Women in the background (don't even go there) around lunchtime, because their arguing, sorry, debating, sometimes sparks an idea for a story (I might even get round to writing it one day) so naturally, the TV had to stay on.
To be honest though, if a friend hadn't called round, and Molly-dog hadn't unexpectedly sicked up in the living-room and I hadn't suddenly remembered some parcels that needed sending off that I hadn't even wrapped, I reckon I would have written loads .
Mind you, with all that bloody soup sloshing around inside I did find myself, ahem, popping to the Little Girl's Room more often usual, so that wasn't entirely helpful.
Actually, thinking about it, maybe I should have invested in a pair of ear-plugs, some blinkers and (look away if you're squeamish) a commode, instead of a stupid soup mug.


Lane said…
That mug could almost double as a commode:-)

Hope you manage to write loads tomorrow:-)
HelenMH said…
Oh dear - yes it is hard to know the answer to this one isn't it! Must say though, tomato soup doesn't do it for me! Maybe haddock chowder though ...
Anna said…
that is some soup mug!! well done...
Maddie Moon said…
What a lovely photo of you, and the soup mug, of course!
Leigh said…
A commode? Certainly a potty.
CTaylor said…
Hi Karen! Just popping by to wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year before I sign off from blogger/blogging for a while. I hope you have a wonderful time. x
A. Writer said…
Just popped by to wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope you have a good one! x

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