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Can you tell what it is yet?

These are the very same fairy lights that I...not folded exactly, because I don't think you can fold fairy lights, but arranged, shall we say, last year, so that they'd be ready to drape elegantly around the Christmas tree with minimal effort, unlike previous years. So what in hell's fiery furnace happened?? The same thing that happens every year, by the look of things. By the time I've scrambled everything out from the back of the cupboard and into the living room, it looks like we've been burgled. I've been at them for about half an hour now, and could cheerfully throw the little effers out of the window. I was sorely tempted to nip out and buy one of those collapsible affairs that I've seen advertised. You simply pull the entire thing out of a box, plug it in and step back in relaxed admiration. Luckily, common sense prevailed. We can't afford such fripperies, plus I suppose it's traditional to spend hours wrestling with the damn things until your arms drop off. Worth it to see the children's faces, I suppose. Yes, they are 18, 16 and 16, but they still expect to see something approaching Santa's Little Grotto when they get home, as opposed to Mum In A Grotty Mood.
On that note, I'd better nip back to the madness.


FPDuck said…
There was actually a study around how earphone cables get knotted in a wearer's pocket. I can't remember the details (I'm sure I have an article on it lying around somewhere), but apparently the level of jostling the cable gets has very little to do with it. Length is the most important contributing factor. I just want to know how my earphones get a knot in under 7 minutes...

That being said, the tangled xmas lights are just another of life's mysteries. Like- why do tinsel bits appear in the carpet mid-July? Where do all the coat hangers come from? And where have all the teaspoons gone?

Lane said…
I know EXACTLY how you feel. Spooky! Similar posts!

I suggest a glass of Cava after your efforts:-)
Anna said…
glad to mine at 19, 17 and 15 aren't the only ones expecting a grotto!
HelenMH said…
Oh dear! I'm seriously contemplating not bothering with decorations this year. Not because I'm feeling bah humbug about it, but because I'm too busy! And I haven't got a day to - find the decorations, sort out the decorations, put up the decorations, stop the cat from eating the decorations ...
Leigh said…
Ha ha. Oh, I laughed over this one. See, I could have posted this myself. I spent probably an hour, and himself spent probably an hour too, only to discover that more than half the bulbs had gone. They've all gone now...out of the proverbial.

I've just ordered a new set, from (how about this:) the Noma Staylit range - in which "new technology" (who do they think they're kidding?) ensures that the other bulbs stay lit (geddit?) even if one has blown.

I'll let you know...

(And fpduck, I'll tell you where all the coathangers come house that's where. Now at least I know where they all go. I might have a few of your teaspooons here, though...)
I still find bits of glitter in random places from a tiny bottle that was spilt at least, ooh, five years ago.
Tree's up now though, and looking nicely festive with nary a hint of the trauma it took to achieve!

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