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A New Love

I got a shiny, new laptop for Christmas. I'm not bragging, I'm just thrilled to bits. It's an item I could never justify buying myself, what with a fully working PC in the house and three children to indulge. Lovely Husband thought differently though, (he probably wants the PC to himself now I think about it!) and I'm now the proud owner of a gorgeous creature that fulfills my fantasies of myself as a Carrie Bradshaw type (see left), gazing wistfully out across Manhattan before settling, cross-legged on the bed and bashing out a pithy observation about life/relationships/friendships - pink nails dancing across the keyboard. Wearing tiny pants and a vest-top.
Okay, so the reality is slightly (alright very) different, but it's surprising how inspired I feel by my new gadget. We've already spent a little time together, lolling about in bed, getting to know each other, which can only be a good thing, non? Even though my mum's staying this week, I couldn't resist getting down to a spot of editing in the bathroom (don't ask). Whether it was viewing my less than perfect prose on a spanking, new screen, or seeing it with fresh eyes after the distractions of Christmas (lovely, thanks for asking) it was surprising how many sentences I realised had to go. I even found the courage to cut a paragraph I truly loved, but was doing nothing to further the story (sob). Maybe I can sneak it in somewhere else. I can't bring myself to throw it away just yet.
So - although my word count has now gone down, instead of up, due to some uncharacteristic ruthlessness (what is the oppositie of ruthless?? Ruth?) I view it as a Positive Step. Not for long, of course. If I carry on cutting (sounds like a bad film starring Barbara Windsor) at that rate, I'll be on the verge of having to start over, and I'm simply not doing that again. Not for at least another month...


Maddie Moon said…
I hope the new laptop continues to inspire you and you enjoy a long and successful partnership together.
Really, I'm thrilled for you, Karen because I didn't get a laptop for Christmas. I was meant to, but apparently it's sitting at the Parcel Force depot in MK. Still, the pink fluffy slippers were just as welcome. And I was very good, I hardly sulked at all.
Ooh, how annoying! I'd be very sulky indeed. I hope it turns up soon - you can be my New Laptop Friend!
Anna said…
happy Christmas to YOU!!! well done there and what a fab hubby you have!

well done too on that editing... and yes, I believe the opposite of ruthless is ruth. at least here in California it is... :)))

happy 2008 to you too!
FPDuck said…
Ah, mobile computing. It's a decent enough idea, now if only it didn't cost so much to replace a dead battery.

My laptop is now a desktop, because the battery holds no charge whatsoever. But then, it is 3 years old.

Good to hear you've had a good Christmas.

Happy New Year!
Leigh said…
Is yours a Mac too?
A. Writer said…
I think the majority of girls with laptops think they are Carrie from SaTC. I know I do.

Happy New Year!
Emerging Writer said…
I have a vest just like Carrie's - still waiting for the cleavage...
HelenMH said…
Unlike Carrie, you need to remember to press 'save' when you've finished working and not just close the laptop and lounge back on the bed with not a care in the world! Did that woman never back up her work!!!
SpiralSkies said…
I'm still waiting for my new lappy to inspire me so much that I forget to eat and become the shape of Carrie B.

Me in a vest right now would be just too Giant Haystacks for words :(

Wishing you little pants and plentiful words X
Mandifesto said…
Congrats on the laptop! I hope to treat myself to one as a NaNo win prize, but first there is the pesky buying of said item. Here's to many days of mobile writing bliss in 2008!
Mike - bad news about the battery. Pity they can't run on vegetable oil or something.

leigh - It's not a Mac. Not sure whether that's good or bad!

a. writer - I thought I was the only one!! It's a good fantasy though :)

emerging writer - I have neither vest nor cleavage, but I can adopt a wistful expression on demand!

helenmh - Backing up work!! I really must do that more often, instead of just thinking about it.

spiralskies - Sadly the days of little pants are long gone, but I can certainly aspire to the plentiful words :)
Lane said…
What a fab present!! My laptop changed my life although I'm still incapable of using it without a mouse so no slinking on the bed in tiny vest for me... although jammie bottoms are always 'de rigeur':-)

Enjoy! And all the very best for you and your lappie in 2008:-)
Lucy Diamond said…
Ooooh...lucky you! Sounds fab. I too yearn for a Carrie Bradshaw existence but fear I am more of a Ms Big (in width not height). Sigh.

Hope the laptop has lots of wonderful words written on it in 2008!
womagwriter said…
Ooh, what make, Karen? I'm planning on getting a laptop soon. Our PC misbehaved so badly just before Xmas it is lucky hubby didn't take the sledge hammer to it.
Womag writer:- It's an HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment Notebook PC (apparently - had to get the box out to check!) What I particularly like is that although it's quite small, the keyboard is a decent size so you don't have to cramp your fingers together!
JJ said…
*Sharp intake of breath* please don't let my son see you took your laptop into the bathroom; I get very cross with him when he does that. But he does disappear for about three days at a time...

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