Good fun

If you fancy a fast, funny read coming up to Christmas (who’s got time for reading??? – Ed) I’d like to recommend Alison Penton-Harper’s new book Housewife on Top, which made me laugh out loud. Not many books have made me do that, since Adrian Mole, many moons ago. Alison was a runner-up in the Richard and Judy first novel competition a couple of years ago (inhale…I’m not jealous at all, no really I’m not…..and exhale). This is the third in the Housewife series and, in my opinion, the best and you don’t have to have read the previous two to appreciate it.
Her characters are so well-drawn, particularly best friend Leoni, that you feel like they’re in the room with you which, I'm guessing, is what good writing’s all about!


Leigh said…
Nope. Haven't got any time for reading, but, what the hell. I love the title. I'll give it a go!
HelenMH said…
Sounds like a good read. The person who usually manages to make me laugh out loud is Bill Bryson! Never fails
Lane said…
I'm in such need of a laugh at the moment. Will search it out. Thank you:-)