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Who wants to be a millionaire...?

..."I do!"

Here's a hypothetical (and rather attractive question). If you were to inherit one million pounds, which was dependent on you spending it within 48 hours, what would you do?

Sadly, this hasn't happened to me. Do you think I'd be blogging about it if it had? Actually you're right, I would.

It might be happening to one of my characters though, and I'd love your input. Theme: can money buy you happiness? money vs. meaning, can you buy meaning? etc. Apparently, making big decisions in a short space of time clarifies who you are. I'd love to have such a dilemma, but suspect it would be more difficult than it sounds.

In my mind, I can't get further than rampaging round Waterstones, having liposuction, buying Colin Firth, paying off mortgages and opening my own petrol station (20p a litre).

Could it be done??


Kerry said…
Have you seen Bewsters Millions with Richard Prior? The film is all about this scenario - an you'll laugh your pants off!
KAREN said…
Ooh, I haven't seen that Kerry! Maybe I should...
Calistro said…
Oooh great question! Can you buy a house in a day? I'd buy a million pounds worth of houses...or just one very swish house and then sell it later to get me money back (and buy a smaller, less swish house!)

If I couldn't do that (because of the whole wait to exchange contracts thing) I'd probably go on ebay and see if someone was selling their life! Not, you know, their SOUL but there was a guy in Australia selling his home, his car, his speedboat and everything else. So I'd probably spend most of the day trying to outbid everyone else. Actually I'd spend most of the day on the internet buying, buying, buying (flights, holidays, shares, designer handbags). Oh the fun you could have! :o)
JJ said…
Hmmm, fascinating question. I think the 48 hours is the problem though. I'm with Cally, that I'd want to buy houses ... which takes more like 4-8 weeks!
I think a few rules/clarifications are in order - like: can it be assets that you can redeem later or must it be things like icecream which you cannot?

The former seems like a cheat, so I guess it should be the latter.

So consumption. Hmmm. Well, I'd start spending on a team of wunder-secretaries whose job it would be to muster everyone of any significance to me and jet them in without delay for an excessively good party in a stunning location followed by some jolly good sex delivered by pretty, sympathetic and skillful call girls.

Any money left over, before the deadline, to go to animal charities.
HelenMH said…
I think it's probably scarily easy to get rid of a million that quickly these days. If you brought property at auction you might be able to turn it round that quickly. Or you could invest in bloodstock, or fast cars or flash jewellery. If you wanted happiness and a warm glow you could give a huge wodge to charity. That would buy meaning.
womagwriter said…
I'd pay off the mortgage, boring I know, and that would be a large chunk of it gone. Then I'd give 10% to charity, 10% to relatives, and book a cruise.

Sigh. Will be daydreaming about this for the rest of the day now.
Right, this might not go according to plan as I've been enjoy the afternoon sun (Mad dogs and Englishman) and drinking a rather nice bottle of chilled wine plus I've been watching Morris dancers this morning!! Blinkin' hell how did that happen?

OK, pay off debts, book holiday for the parents etc etc Blah! Blah!
Then buy 1000 good quality envelopes, then go on BT webstite and at random select 1000 names and adresses. Put a cheque for five grand in each envelope, seal and send recorded delivery. Ask them to RSVP and tell me what they spent the money on. Spread the joy. Good post. Tommox
Annie Bright said…
...I do!
I won the lottery once - £1600 - hardly the same, I know - but amazing to think we were just one ball away from milllionaire status!
Honeysuckle said…
I'd set up a smallish music venue, in some low-key unlikely place, booking the best (IMO) in British and American music - a place that would build a cult clientele none of whom would fight at the end of the night, but would just come together for the vibe and the music and all leave full of good humour at the end. Could you do that all in two days? I'm sure you could set the wheels in motion...

Sounds an excellent idea for a book - I can imagine bookclub members throughout the land debating what they personally would do with the money.
Lane said…
I'm still smiling at Ernest's comment.

Ok, this million quid spent thing could easily be done if you were organized -says she wafting into the realms of fantasy.
I would buy loads of air tickets but more importantly would also hire cook, secretary, driver etc and pay their wages up front for couple of years (haven't exactly done the sums yet).
I wouldn't buy Colin Firth though and I fear Hugh Laurie may be too expensive.
I think I may have skipped the 'meaning' bit of this exercise:-)
Lily Sheehan said…
I'd buy the company i work for and be everyones boss mwah ha ha ha ha ha
Pat Posner said…
I guess you could put deposits down on properties/land in a day.
I'd buy fields with barns or moor rights to set up wildlife and animal sancturies and put the balance into a trust fund to do up or convert the barns into houses and/or workshops, one of which would be a publishing company...
Hmm I think I just over-spent.
Coloradolady said…
I happened to stop here from the black box. What a great post to stumble upon. Fun indeed.

Could I spend a million in 48 hours. Sure. But on what, that gives pause to think about that.

The first thing I would do is pay off all debt. I would purchase homes for my two children. I would buy my dream log home in the Mountains of Colorado.

I would pay off all my mothers debt and purchase a new home and car for her. Set her up an account so she could stay home and not work anymore.

Some I would donate to a local charity, or church. The rest...probably shop....and shop some more.

Did I buy meaning with the money? Well, to be able to see my mom not work so hard, yes, that would mean a lot.

To give my kids a new home to start out their lives, that would mean that they would have it a little easier than we did.

To pay off all debt, would mean I could breath a sigh of relief. That would mean a lot with the economy the way it is today.

I think some of the things you decided to purchase would be meaningful. At least to me.
A World Away said…
May the Force be With you.. came by way of the BB. Love books, buy books and more books, set up a fine press & give books away. Cheers
Laura said…
I'c buy a real home for everyone in my family. Not something huge and flashy but real, comfort, a place you can really feel you belong.
Fionnuala said…
Being one of seven siblings it would never pay all the mortgages but I'd pay a bit off everyones! Fx
Pat Posner said…
Hi, Karen
This one's a blackbox visit.
KAREN said…
Some brilliant suggestions there :o)

Lots of mortgages being paid off, which would probably be at the top of my list (after making a bid on Mr Firth) to be honest. Booorring!

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