Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dreamz 'r us

I had a very vivid dream last night. I bumped into Calistro in a school corridor. She was clutching a batch of bright pink folders and I said to her, "You don't know me, but I'm from the blog and my name's Karen." (Karen from the blog. Jenny from the block. No, doesn't quite work.) Anyway, she shook my hand politely and said, "the Novel Racers are around somewhere if you want to go and say hello," pointing down a corridor. Excited, I set off at a fair old lick, flinging open doors and peering into classrooms (why classrooms??) but could I find them? Could I heck.

What does it all mean? a) I'm a nut-job b) I should lay off the peanuts at bedtime c) Calistro's recent good news, along with my own increased writing output is starting to affect my remaining brain cell.

Answers on the back of a postage stamp please.

In spite of such nonsense, I've been awarded these teacups by lovely Debs who hangs about in a shed all day, but is quite normal (I think), so thanks for that, Debs. I never say no to a decent cuppa - or even an indecent one - although I don't do whole milk. Has to be skimmed, semi-skimmed if there's no other option. Apart from that I'm not at all fussy.

I'm going to pass it on to Fionnuala for making me chuckle (love that word) and reminding me that Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens v. soon, Helen with best wishes to Smudge x and L-plate for posting one of the oddest photos I've seen in a long time, and getting back on the horse writing wise, recently.


L-Plate Author said...

Oh thank you sweetheart, you've made my day. Looks like Eddie/Edwina is bringing me luck! xx

HelenMH said...

Thanks Karen. That has cheered me up, and I'll make sure Smudge realises it is for him as well xxx

Fionnuala said...

Karen from the blog (LOL!) my new best friend - thank you. I'd like to thank Karen for thinking of me....and my husband for being a constant support and my agent...wait, I haven't got an agent yet. Shit. Start again.
I'd like to thank.....................Fx

Fionnuala said...

Ooops I said a bad word. sorry.

Calistro said...

No way! So funny that you dreamed about me! Was I yellow with a pointy nose?! Maybe the dream is telling you that you need to come along to a Novel Racers meet sometime so you can put faces to names? Who knows!

By the way your 'Jenny from the block, Karen from the blog' comment made me snort diet coke out of my nose! *wipes down sticky laptop*

Debs said...

Glad you like the award.

Your dream sounds rather like my ones. I had a strange one last night about someone I work with, rather scary really.

Have a great weekend.

Pat Posner said...

When I met up with Honeysuckle and Shirley yesterday we talked about writers' dreams and writers writing in their sleep.
We - or I - came to the conclusion that most writers end up crazy. I mean really crazy, not just the *normal* crazy we all are now.

How lovely passing on the Award to Helen and Smudge; I know well how love and support from blogging friends helps when a pet is ill.

Lane said...

Think you might need to add some cheese to those peanuts and maybe a Lemsip. Then have the dream again and all may become clear. Well it might work:-)

And yes - come along to the next meet!

Lane said...

Ooh and big congrats on lovely teacuppy award:-)

Anna said...

I like skim in mine too...

JJ said...

Oh fab dream Karen, and I love that it was so vivid to you.

I can't stand fat milk in my tea either: it's got to be semi or skinny, but then I am a total fusspot about my tea. ...I've made it so clear I'm a fuss pot, I don't think anyone will ever make me tea again.

Tam said...

At least you had your clothes on - I tend to suddenly realise I'm in the nuddy.

If you were Weird Al Yankowicz you'd release a cover version of the J-Lo classic and make a mint - Karen from the Blog would be an instant cult hit :-)

L-Plate Author said...

Oh and I didn't mention the Novel Racers! I thought that was really cool that you were looking for us and in that group was me! We will all meet one day soon, I'm sure.

That dream reminds me of one I have. I am always on my way to work but never get there and don't tell anyone I'm not coming in. I end up in all sorts of places and it about 4pm. I can't get to a phone etc so am really panicking. Sounds like you and me dream the same, but funnily enough, I haven't had it for a while. Maybe because I've finished the rewrite... x

Bernadette said...

Like Tam I dream a lot about my own nudity and dying for a wee and being unable to find a toliet with a door. I also dream about being a secret agant and finding guns etc under my pillow and not knowing how they got there. So at least if anyone spots me naked in a doorless cubicle I'll be able to shoot them!

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Freud called dreams the royal (I think I remember that correctly) road to the unconscious. I love dreaming. Used to have really serious nightmares in the past but they seem to have stopped now. But why am I telling you all this ... tic tic twitch.

KatW said...

Answer (a) was 'nut job' and answer (b) 'peanuts' - I'm getting a 'nutty' theme coming through. Perhaps your subconscious trying to tell you that nuts drive you nuts???!!! Kat :-) (your fellow nut from the blogs)

Leigh said...

Madness is the reserve of genuis.
So you'll be in good company.

KAREN said...

You're welcome l-plate, helen and fionnuala!

calistro - You looked like the photo you used to have on your blog and you were wearing a lilac, tweed jacket!

debs - I do dream quite vividly most nights!

pat p - I do dream about writing sometimes, it's weird isn't it?!

lane - Cheese and peanuts sound like a lethal combination. I wouldn't be able to sleep for the indigestion!

anna - Skimmed is definitely best!

tam - I've had dreams like that too...shudder!

l-plate - Dreams are quite revealing really, aren't they?

bernadette - Ooh, I've never dreamt about guns. Do you think there's a sub-text there ;o)

ernest - My recurring dreams are of water...tsunamis particularly. Although I always manage to escape at the last minute.

jj - I always put a touch of cold water in my tea as well as I can't drink it boiling hot!

katw - I never noticed the nutty connection! I think you're on to something there :o)

leigh - I'll second that :o)

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