NOT a librarian

I got told off for referring to myself at work as a Librarian. Apparently I'm a Library Assistant or I Work In A Library. I am NOT a librarian. Librarians have to have a master's degree in Library Information Science or something, which I definitely do not have, so by calling myself a Librarian I'm Failing to Recognise Achievement.


I have worked there for almost nine years though. If Lorraine Kelly can be awarded an honorary doctorate from Dundee University for her services to charity surely I can be awarded an Honorary Librarianship for services to oldies demanding bus timetables and James Patterson novels?

In the spirit of things, I was looking for a suitable photo to go with this post and stumbled upon the following...

What the hell?

If we carried on like this in our branch, we'd be called something else entirely.


Dumdad said…
"I'm Failing to Recognise Acheivment"

Well, you won't get an award for spelling!
Annie Bright said…
Gawd, what is the world coming to when you can't call yourself a librarian went you want to! We had all that same silly lark in the school I worked in - they wouldn't let me call myself a headteacher!
"These boots are made for walking...."

In my book your'e a librarian Clarkey :) Tommox
KAREN said…
dumdad - Tsk. My brain ran ahead of my fingers. I stand corrected :o)
Annie Bright said…
b.t.w. You are much better than a librarian! You are a writer! :-))

I'm getting carried away again, aren't I? x
Lane said…
Wear those boots in the library and the oldies will be asking you for more than a James Patterson:-)

Anyway I think nine years is more than long enough for an Honorary Doodah. Pah to them!
Maddie Moon said…
Well, that put you firmly in your place, didn't it? That's just plain silly, but doesn't surprise me, sadly.

Besides, as Annie says, you're a writer too. Huh, tell them that!
Pat Posner said…
Hmm, I bet you get asked to do things only a *real* librarian should do!
Tam said…
If it's any consolation you're the most librarian-like non-librarian I know. So there.
Yvonne said…
How weird that people would be hung up about job titles like that, especially as you've worked in a library for that long!
Debs said…
LOL. Love the picture, for a second I thought it was you on strike.

To do my job all newcomers need a degree now??? Quite ridiculous, I'm just relieved that I fell into the job (almost literally too) eight years ago.
HelenMH said…
I used to work in an academic library where things were much worse. Only the Chief Librarian could be referred to as a librarian - in fact 'The Librarian' said in hushed and reverent tones. (I always wanted to giggle because it made me think of the Terry Pratchett books) But we also had a Deputy Librarian, Sub Librarian, Assistant Librarians, Library Assistants, Senior Library Assistants and Student Assistants. It was all most confusing.
Lily Sheehan said…
Screw them and their opinions (facts whatever piff). You are whatever you want to be and yes you are a writer which is way better in my book!!
Cait O'Connor said…
I too am a part time 'improper' librarian Karen. Don't those library managers make you sick?
I have worked as a proper librarian (which is more than they do, they hardly venture in one) for 13 years and a dear friend , a fellow 'librarian' and relief at my library, who has worked in libraries for donkeys years, flew at me last week when I said I wasn't a 'proper librarian'.
So don't you stop calling yuorself what you are. Of course you are a writer as well......
Honeysuckle said…
Wow, who said that to you?? Tiny bit spiteful, weren't they? (I hope that other member of staff got told off as well for Failing to Recognise YOUR Achievement in selling your story the other week...)
Anyway,when I went to work at the uni library years ago, library assistants and librarians sat at separate tables at coffee break, an invisible Berlin wall between the two groups! The non-librarians always looked to be having more fun (Not that I'm an expert on fun, you understand, being a librarian...)
SpiralSkies said…
Ugh, I hate all that 'my qualification's better than yours' nonsense. It totally smacks of insecurity and spitefulness.

Those girls in stiletto boots - are they the ones who borrow the James Patterons?

Grrrrrr. You are my favourite 'almost librarian' in Blogworld.
How did life ever get so complicated?
wordtryst said…
Geez, all these precarious little hierarchies and hegemonies! Like SS says, it all reeks of insecurity. Well, you're a librarian AND a writer! Let me see them try to take that away.
Leigh said…
Don't worry, love. Amongst the bookshelf snobbery you might only be a 'library assistant,' but to the rest of us That Nice Woman Wot Works in the Library is called a Librarian.

Himself came up against title snobbery a lot in the business of Knowledge Acquisition - cleverly disguised as the dusty world of academia, but actually as cut-throat as any large corporation.

Very sad.
KAREN said…
annie bright - Ooh, you are cheeky! Point taken :o)

tommo - I can't wear heels like that any more, sadly :o(

lane - Well that's enough to put me off for a start!!

maddie moon - We've gone very politically correct just recently!

patp - We certainly do - and the pay doesn't reflect it either!

tam - Not a CLICHE librarian, I hasten to add. No saggy cardigans and brogues for me. No siree :o)

yvonne - People get hung up about all sorts - surprised they've got the energy sometimes!

debs - It does look quite relaxing actually :o)

helenmn - Blimey, that is confusing! I don't think we have a chief librarian any more, she's called the Manager. Tut.

lily - Well exactly :o) If I want to be a librarian, I WILL be. I'm not sure I want to be any more actually!

cait o'connor - I think us 'improper' librarians do a splendid job :o) Sounds rather risque actually...

honeysuckle - How odd! At least we don't have separate coffee breaks, although the 'proper' librarians do have their own offices.

spiralskies - Mad isn't it? And those girls are clearly no better than they ought to be :o)

gonna be a writer - I suppose if they've nothing more important to worry about they're quite lucky really!

wordtryst - Good point. I should start adding that to my CV!

leigh - The world's gone mad. I'm going to have to stop calling myself a Domestic Engineer at this rate, and admit I'm a housewife :o)