Friday, September 19, 2008

What's your story?

I love this idea, pinched from the Guardian website of arranging some of your book titles so that they tell a story. Like I need any more distractions. However after much over-excited fannying around I managed to come up with the the rather badly photographed ...

Not rocket science, I think you'll agree, but fun nonetheless. Of course it depends what's lurking on them there bookshelves, but I'd love to see what you lovely lot can come up with.


Calistro said...

That's brilliant! Love it.

Here's two of mine:

"Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha"
"Stories We Could Tell"
"About a boy"


"After You'd Gone"
"One Hundred Years of Solitute"
"How I Live Now"

Dumdad said...

Luckily, my camera's broken so I shan't get distracted like this!

Incidentally, I noticed you have Getting Rid of Matthew by Jane Fallon, who is the partner of Ricky Gervais. Is the book any good or was it published because of her hubby?

Debs said...

Oh no, another distraction that I'll need to take part in.

Love it.

JJ said...

Oh I loved this too. I saw it on Trashionista. I must have a go.

HelenMH said...

My, my that does look like fun. *Heads off for hours of procrastination*

Lane said...

Oooh that's good. I'm immediately craning my neck to the tbr pile trying to make stories. But I won't. No, no. Well maybe:-)

Annie Bright said...

That looks like fun!
I'm going to have a little play at that later instead of ironing. Ironing does do itself if you leave it long enough, right?

Kerry said...

Getting rid of Matthew?! that's what they're calling it these days ;)

Honeysuckle said...

What I can see from here are Bob Dylan Lyrics, 1001 Days Out With Your Kids and the IKEA catalogue...I think I need to put more effort in, don't I? Off to find some well-titled fiction...

Pat Posner said...

I am meant to be writing!

"Riders of the Heath"

"Blue Remembered Heels"
"No Silver Spoon"

"Keeping Henry"
"Lock, Stock and Barrel"

Which just goes to show what a mess my bookshelves are in!

KAREN said...

calistro - V. good! Obviously it helps if you've got decent titles on your shelves :o) Made me realise how many of them begin with 'The' or is that just mine??

dumdad - It did swallow a ridiculous amount of time.

I didn't realise who Jane Fallon was at the time, but the woman can definitely write goddammit.

Probably didn't do any harm being married to Ricky Gervais though. The book is now being made into a film starring Jennifer Aniston. Sigh.

debs - It's a good 'un :o)

jj - I'll pop over and have a look!

helenmh - It's horribly distracting I'm afraid!

lane - Oh go on. Don't leave me alone in my procrastinating :o)

annie bright - It must do itself. I certainly haven't done any for the last 8 years :o)

kerry - Lol! It does sound like a euphemism I'm afraid :o)

honeysuckle - Yes, I couldn't make much out of the cookery books in the kitchen either!

patp - Those are good! It's surprisingly difficult :o)

Yvonne said...

That's great! Must give it a try very soon, sounds like a great distractor!

Miranda said...

Boy, you can do an awful lot with "Under the Duvet" (ahem)

Angels Passing
Under the Duvet

Hide and Seek
Under the Duvet
Mr Nice

The Innocent Man
Under the Duvet

The Little Prince
Out of Africa

I'd better stop now...thanks for the few minutes procrastination time. Now. What else can I box? Ah why not.

Fionnuala said...

Love this and it will mean a "rog" ie when I rob your blog idea! Hubby has my camera so it will have to wait but it gives me time to think....Fx

Annie Wicking said...

Please forgive me for not joining in. I have such a limited time for writing, but I love the idea. I've just looked up at my bookshelves only to find most of them as 'How to Write'

Best wishes,

P.S the little Black box brought me here.

KAREN said...

yvonne - It's VERY distracting!

miranda - It did help having that Under the Duvet book!! The Eagle has Landed (Under the Duvet) was another favourite :o)

fionnuala - Rog away! Love that :o)

annie wicking - Welcome, and don't be sorry. I shouldn't be messing about like this either!

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