Thursday, June 26, 2008


Cor, what with ferrying Teenagers to and from A levels and GCSEs and work, and tearing around hiring prom suits and helping choose a dress for a leaving ball and extravagantly high wedges for a music festival, plus working overtime at t'library and occasionally flinging bleach down the loo, I haven't written more than my piece for the Story a Fortnight blog, and m' book review (Love Falls, by Esther Freud...vair good. Made me want to visit Italy and I don't even like travelling.)

As if to reproach me, I came home to find Molly-dog protecting a copy of Writers' Forum. She even growled when I approached. Either she's taken up reading it on the sly, or she's writing a novel of her own and is looking for tips. (Ask me love. Talk about knowing everything there is to know. In theory.)
Perhaps she's looking to give her own spin on an old classic.

A Tail of Two Cities, anyone? Pride & Pedigree Chum? Moby Stick? Molly Flanders?

Is that a Tumbleweed I see before me?

I need to Make Time To Write. Surely the height of embarrassment would be the dog getting a publishing deal before I do?
By the way, I only have three children despite making it sound like I have 17, and it's Teen Daughter going to the music festival, not me. I'm Too Old for camping. Actually, there isn't an optimum age for camping. Camping sucks.


Calistro said...

Wedges for a music festival?! She'd better hope it doesn't rain. Do they do wedged wellies?

Yvonne said...

Camping is the pits, I concur. Molly is a cute one, isn't she? And a keen reader too I see. Well done Molly.

Lane said...

I don't think Molly is going to hand over that Magazine without a fight. She may need a biccie bribe:-)

I've only got two offpring but it still feels like a tribe some days. Finding time to write is the most difficult conundrum and I bow down to those who manage it. Must try harder!

Molly Flanders! Love it. Just don't let her near your Writer's And Artist' Yearbook. She'll be picking out her agent and subbing before you can say 'Sit':-)

Maddie Moon said...

A Kennel with a View?

A short story and a book review sounds pretty good going to me.

HelenMH said...

It's good to see Molly Dog is taking her writing seriously!

Mickmouse said...

Ahhh, someone else who uses the word discombobulated! What does it mean? My 6 year old son uses it after watching a Robot Wars battle one afternoon and I still do not know what it means!!
Always a bonus to have a literary pet!

JJ said...

LOL. Love the dog picture. Don't let LPlate see the 'camping sucks' comment or there'll be trouble.

Anna said...

couldn't agree with you more about the camping... yuck!

hmm... Molly looks pretty protective of that magazine... good luck!

Lane said...

Just noticed. We used the same title (almost). Are we spooky or what! Must be discombobulation in the air this week!!:-)

Fiona said...

Well if it was my magazine, my dogs would be protecting it because I'd have spilt food on it - I'm such a messy eater. In theory we sit round the dinner table every night but the reality is, most nights, there's bloomin cricket on so I sit, read and eat - hence the mess. I need one of those plastic bibs that curl up at the bottom.
Perhaps Molly's writes Doggy Fashion? Or is that something norty?

KAREN said...

calistro - She did take some wellies, which is just as well looking at the weather today!

yvonne - I've actually never been camping, but that's because it's Not Normal :o)

lane - She was coaxed away with an old tennis ball in the end. So fickle. I'd love to know what she would write down if she could!

Funny the title thing...maybe it was in my head after reading yours and that's why it popped up.

Mind you, they do say great minds think alike ;o)

maddie - Nice one! I suppose a bit of writing is still better than none. Shows how motivating a deadline is :o)

helenmh - She does look very serious - almost scholarly!

mickmouse - It's great, isn't it? No idea what it means, but it's apparently a real word!

jj - Ooh, thanks for the warning! I'd better apologise to l-plate in advance. I think camping's one of those love/hate things, like Marmite...which I also hate!

anna - She did take a bit of coaxing away, but at least she didn't chew it to shreds!

fiona - I hadn't thought of that. Maybe there WAS a bit of food on wouldn't surprise me in the least. It's been chucking around on the floor for long enough!

kallioppe said...

Molly Dog has a total book jacket author face. Look at it, pure naked ambition and drive. I'm with Lane, keep her away from your copy of Writers and Artists.

Tam said...

I'm with Calistro on the footwear comment. Even if it's been dry for a month there will still be mud.

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