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The sun has got his hat on...

...hip, hip, hip-hurray!

I had to attend a training course this morning, designed to increase my understanding of the new library computer system, which involved sitting in a room for three hours, staring at a screen and pressing keys. What's so different from being at home? you may well ask. Well, for a start, we were cooped up in a basement room, deprived of natural light. Not a window in sight.

It was pouring with rain on the way over, so imagine how pleased I was to emerge, blinking like a bat, into blazing sunshine in a clear, blue sky. I dashed home and got myself outside with a mug of tea, notepad and pen and m'daughter's slippers (no, they are hers, really...) and nearly did a bit of writing. Very nice it was too.

I know the pages look blank, but that was the angle of my camera. Honest. I was trying to take a picture of Molly staring at a pigeon, but she spotted me and slinked (slunk?) away, which is what she generally does when the camera comes out. I half expect her to slap on a wig and sunnies, like Britney avoiding the paparazzi.

There's something about sitting outside in warm (ish) sunlight that makes me feel like falling asleep and dribbling unattractively super-creative, and as well as drafting a short story, I doodled a pretty picture. The sort a psychiatrist might ask you to look at before asking, "what does this remind you of?"

I was clearly in that basement room too long.


Tom Foolery said…
Great slippers! Summer is a coming methinks :) TFX
Tom Foolery said…
Oh yeah forgot, (sun stroke) award over at my place for you Tommox
Lane said…
Open air writing! And in groovy slippers too!
If you look closely, you'll see that you've dropped your pencil. Maybe you fell asleep after all:-)
HelenMH said…
I spent all day in a Wetherspoon's and a Burger King (don't ask!)We didn't even realise the sun had come out!
KAREN said…
tommo - They're surprisingly comfy...which makes me sound about eighty.
Ooh, ta for the award - I'll go and put it on display :o)

lane - I didn't notice the pencil! Not that I was asleep (looks shocked at the very thought)That'll be Molly. Pencils and socks are her favourite things to steal :o)

helenmh - What the...?? Better than a basement room, I reckon. Although we did have tea and biscuits!
Yvonne said…
Can't wait for summer to arrive, would love to do some outside writing!
Anna said…
a friend of mine up in Yorkshire says you've been the recipient of a wee bit o' rain lately...

love that pic, and those slippers too... :)))

btw... just finished last series of Dr Who on BBC America, but hubby is watching getting the most recent episode via the internet... ahhhh.....

Donna... Hmmm... I hear from the Sun she's going to be evil... might Rose have done better to get those car keys sorted? hee hee hee...

check out on You Tube a Dr Who comic relief skit with David Tennant and Catherine Tate, where she does Shakespeare... if you haven't seen it, it's brilliant!
Maddie Moon said…
Ah, there you are! I don't know, sneaking off like that,changing your address, you didn't really think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?

It was positively summery yesterday and on that promise I donned my t-shirt today, only to freeze my little socks off. Brrrr.

Good going on getting the short written. Now you have the perfect excuse for sitting in the garden.
Alis said…
where I work is the opposite of a basement - our autism provision is on the top floor of a building, with loads of windows. So we could see the alternating downpours and sunny intervals. A very confusing day - even the rainbows didn't know when to come out.
By the way, Karen, you're tagged over on my blog...hope you don't mind.
KAREN said…
yvonne - There is something nice about writing outside...except for wasps of course!

anna - We've been having typical April showers I think, with a bit of thunder thrown in as well! Thanks for the Dr Who link :o)

maddie - Sorry about that, I wasn't sure how to let people know and trusted that if I left a message you'd find me!
The weather is Very Peculiar at the moment...

alis - Confusing indeed - we even had thunder today!
Thanks for the tag, I'll check it out :o)
Debs said…
Sounds heavenly (the bit after the training of course, that sounds ghastly). My children are the ones that disappear when the camera comes out.
KAREN said…
debs - Oh, mine too. They won't have one taken together either!
Moondreamer said…
What a perfect afternoon!

And perfect slippers ... I can't write if my feet aren't happy!

wordtryst said…

Ah, there you are! I don't know, sneaking off like that,changing your address, you didn't really think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?

And there I was thinkin' I'd messed up my links somehow! But I found you through your last comment...
KAREN said…
moondreamer - I do get rather attached to must be the granny in me!

wordtryst - Ah yes, I've gone slightly annonymous, due to a recent Encounter!! Glad you found me though :o)

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