Sunday, April 6, 2008


You don't see the glass as half empty or half full. You see what's exactly in the glass.

You never try to make a bad situation seem better than it is...

But you also never sabotage any good things you have going on.

You are brutally honest in your assessments of situations - and this always seems to help you cope.

I was hoping for optimist, but being a realist is no bad thing.

After your kind and insightful comments re: The Dilemma, I've decided there's no point having a thrombo (as the Teens would say) or hunting down cake for Comfort. Actually, I don't need an excuse to eat cake, but I digress. No. What I need is a New Angle. A USP as they say on The Dragon's Den. When they're persuading Duncan Ballantyne to invest in an Anti-Eating Mouth Cage. Actually I could do with one of those (see Cake reference above...)

I've had a good old think today, and am fairly certain I've got a firm grip on the slippery beast once again.

I hope to Christ it's all going to be worth it in the end.


Yvonne said...

OMG the anti-eating mouth cage! That programme is hillarious.

So impressed that you've bounced back so quickly! Good on ya!

Paul Capewell said...

I've had a good old think today, and am fairly certain I've got a firm grip on the slippery beast once again.

You're gonna get some mighty strange hits when THAT little baby turns up on Google, haha.

But I'm very pleased you're being so positive about this. Rightly so.

HelenMH said...

I love the expression 'having a thrombo'! Haven't heard it before, but must use it!

Lane said...

Glad you've got that 'slippery beast' under control:-) You show it! ... and them:-)

I'm a realist too appparently. Phew:-)

Maddie Moon said...

Glas that you're feeling more positive about your wip. It's the way you tell 'em that counts, I reckon.
Another realist here!

KAREN said...

yvonne - There're some truly mad items on that site!!

paul - OMG, that's so funny - I hadn't even REALISED. Never mind the novel, that paragraph needs some serious re-workin g :)

helenmh - It's amazing the stuff they come out with :o)

lane - Oo-er matron!! Yes, much better than being a pessimist anyway :)

maddie - Yes I'm generally a positive person, which is just as well where this writing lark is concerned!

Tom Foolery said...

I was optimistic that I would be a pessimist but I'm a realist, now I'm confused. Is there a fourth choice? If so that's me.
(Clarkey, so glad to hear you have found a solution to the book plot problem) TommoX

Leigh said...

'Having a thrombo'? I love that! I must try and get that in somewhere. Any more teen-speak (I have a teenager in The Novel); it would come in very handy.

I don't really fancy a mouth cage, but perhaps a mouth zip with a timed padlock on it would be okay. I'm sure the kids and husband would appreciate the anti-vocal effect it would have too!

I'm a realist too, apparently. So that's good!

Debs said...

Good for you, I bet it'll be great too.

I think I need one of those anti-eating mouth cage thingies.

Anna said...

it will!!!

hmmm... ever think of cake eating zombies???

liz fenwick said...

I'm a realist too......just keep writing :-)

KAREN said...

tommo - You're clearly a pessoptimarealist :o)

leigh - Love the idea of a mouth zip! The Teens do come out with some corkers. Rank (nasty) and Hench (tough or fit) spring to mind.

debs - Thank you and yes me too. I'd need a padlock for mine, and for someone else to have the key!

anna - Cake-eating zombies sound quite friendly!!

liz - I will, thank you :o)

Anonymous said...

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