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Sticklebooks and tea

It must be the silly season. I ordered a couple of things today, just because I liked the look of them. One is a bookshelf that looks like this...

Groovy, isn't it? It's a Sticklebook apparently. "An alternative to a regular bookshelf, it comprises an aluminium bracket and combed strip that grips the cover and pages of paperback books. It is totally secure and fall-proof." Well, I need somewhere to shove my Enid Blytons'. Not to mention all those upcoming novel-racer novels...

I also ordered a completely unneccessary mug. Unneccessary because we have tiled floors and it'll be smashed to smithereens within a month. Probably. I'm Classic British, in case you can't sleep for wondering.


Debs said…
Great answers. I'm like you with the children. I love to have a bit of peace but hate the thought that they're growing ups so quickly and will be moving on in the next few years.
Leigh said…
Thanks for the tag! That's really funny that your Mum can text faster that you can! My Dad's not even sure how to read texts, let alone write them!
Jumbly Girl said…
Thanks Karen - I'll have to give this some thought - but now I'm anonymous maybe I won't have to worry about giving too much of myself away (and upsetting my mum!) in the answers.

I like the mug - I'm Builders Brew if you're interested. Would like some feedback on the Stickleback once you've got it in action - if it works it could solve the problem of my daughter carpeting her bedroom floor with paperbacks
HelenMH said…
I love the mug! Such things are never unnecessary. And are you sure that shelf's going to work?
Denise said…
Ooh, that's a very snazzy shelf. Do mention how it goes, I could be interested in some of those.

I like the mug, could be very useful for my non-tea drinking husband who always stresses over the colour he's made me!
Yvonne said…
Ooh I love that Sticklebook shelf and the cup, brilliant buys there!
Lane said…
Nice (and essential) purchases!
I love the book shelf. Let us know if they work and if I ever get rich I may need to purchase at least 50 and get some floorspace back:-)

It's weird about the shopping on a Tuesday. My mother does too and hell would freeze over before she changed to .... ooh let's be daring and say ..Wednesday:-)
Anna said…
oh, I LOVE that mug!!!
KAREN said…
debs - A classic case of can't live with 'em, can't live without them. Little horrors!

leigh - She loves her mobile phone, weirdly. This is the same woman who refused to have a landline in the house until long after I'd left home!!

jumbly girl - Builder's brew is a bit too strong for me! The sticklebook is great for children's friend's got one for her daughter and it's ideal :o)

helenmh - It doesn't look like it should, but my friend has one and it seems to have lasted. Mind you, she's only had it a fortnight!

denise - I think they could be Just the Job. Maybe not for hardbacks though, I don't know.
Whenever my daughter makes me a cup of tea (under protest) she always says 'I don't know what colour you like it.' Well, now she will!

yvonne - Can't resist new mugs. Like I said though, it probably won't last long due to tiled floor, so I'd better not get too attached to it!

lane - I must admit, one certainly wouldn't be enough for our fiction collection, but I thought it would be handy for my 'how-to-write' books :o)

It's funny, the shopping thing. All my life Mum's shopped on Tuesdays, yet she used to criticise my gran for being 'set in her ways.' Maybe it's in the genes and in a few years, I'll be exactly the same!

anna - I think you should treat yourself!
L-Plate Author said…
Eek! Actually, Karen, I don't get on with my mother so I'm going to pass on that one lovey!

But I love that shelf! Yes, you must let us know how it goes, it looks soooo cool and I can just see a place where I could put one...x
Moondreamer said…
I struggle to understand texts from my Mum as she writes them like my daughters do ... all numbers and weird abbreviations!

Love your new mug (we need unnecessary things in our lives sometimes!) and what a fab bookshelf!

KAREN said…
l-plate - Yes I was a bit worried about this sort of thing, or in case someone's Mum had passed away recently, so I'm sorry about that.

Hopefully the shelf will arrive early in the week!

moondreamer - You're quite right - it's not often I can justify them to myself though!
L-Plate Author said…
Oh, don't be sorry. I'd love to get on with her but you can't always have what you want. And maybe we do get on but I don't realise how much! Have a nice Sunday x

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