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This is fun, if you've got a minute. Quite addictive, actually. (Like I need any more distractions.)

It's rather like Countdown, without Carol Vorderman. Or any numbers. Which is just as well, in my case.

I'll tell you my best score if you tell me yours...


Tom Foolery said…
NO! My poor head can't cope doing this today,it like a "Gnome" nightmare... Tommox
Jumbly Girl said…
Oh no I love this Karen! It's like Boggle but quicker. I got 4433 which I was quite happy with til I realsied the 'top scores' were ten times that. In my defence I spent the first half of the game clicking and dragging cos I hadn't read the instructions properly - so I obviously wasted some valuable seconds. I'm going to have another go!
Lane said…
This is just my cup of tea! Like Jumbly Girl it's like Boggle, the only game where I get unattractively competitive.
Not sure what my scores were. Whatever they were, I'll be back to beat them:-)
Maddie Moon said…
'If you've got a minute,' you said, Karen!!! I've spent most of the afternoon on this wretched thing. 6,981 was my highest score, but that was probably on my 6,981st attempt.

I will not go on it again. Ever...
Calistro said…
6,836. I find unscrabbling the whole word really hard. I only got it one. I'd be rubbish at the conundrum on Countdown!
HelenMH said…
That is unbearably addictive!
KAREN said…
Well you all seem a lot better at this than me!

Boggle! I knew it reminded me of something...

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