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Done and dusted - for now

Well the first draft of the "rather silly" novel is finished. That is, I've typed The End. What happens now is anyone's guess. Accidental deletion knowing me.

No, the plan is to leave it to settle for a while (half an hour at least) before starting the real work of making it better. Hopefully I won't read it back and think, oh dear. Maybe I'd better leave it longer than half an hour for some proper perspective.

I shall rest my eyes for a bit and try and forget all about the characters, who have become like imaginary friends, and then crack on with some short stories. I've also had an idea for another novel so I may start that too - otherwise I won't know what to do with my hands.

Elsewhere: A random study somewhere has revealed that library staff are the least bitchy people to work with. They obviously haven't worked in our branch ...

(for obvious reasons I'd better add just kidding.)


Fia said…
I love the polar bear. I want to lie down like that now.

Well done indeed for typing The End. It's no mean feat and I'm sure it's going to be a great read.

My local library staff are lovely, but some of the customers...
Amanda said…
I love the polar bear too! :-)

And CONGRATULATIONS at typing The End!! :-)))))
Suzanne said…
Well done, Karen.

Phew! And here's me thinking I'm the only one with a 'rather silly' novel.

Good luck. And I feel sure your novel will be 'rather amazing' ... :)
Denise said…
Ya hoo! Well done you, and I hope you enjoy whatever you open to celebrate!

I may be venturing into my local library for the first time in about 10 years. Don't tell me they'll be mean to me!

Most years my calendar is a polar bear one, they're just so sweet. Except in real life probably, when they'd just eat you, oh well.
Anna said…
been keeping an eye on that word count... well done!!!

sometimes I give it a week or two, with the last one... well, it's been two months. :)))

hurray for you!!
Anonymous said…
Another Racer finishes - well done indeed!

Accidental deletion? No problem, just retrieve your backup. You have backed up, right?

Denise: I knew that photo reminded me of someone... ;oP
Lorna F said…
Congratulations, Karen - well done! That polar bear looks pretty done as well. You're quite right - leave the novel alone for as long as you can bear to (sorry!) so that you can come back to it with a clear critical eye. Well, one eye can be critical - the other can be Damn Proud you got this far. x
Jumbly Girl said…
Woohoo! Well done. Aren't The End two such lovely words (even when you know The End isn't actually the end)

Definitely worth leaving it a good while if you can. I returned to mine too soon and now have rereturned to it with gasps of "Oh God no, how come I didn't spot that rubbish bit before!"

Gorgeous pooped polar bear
Debs said…
I know exactly how that polar bear feels.

Well done for getting to the end and finishing your novel. If it's anywhere near as amusing and fun as this blog, it will be a great hit.
Bernadette said…
Oh, well done that lady!

You've written a WHOLE BOOK!!!!

Yes, I know there's still stuff to do but even so. Fantastic! Can't wait to read it - I bet it's brill.
L-Plate Author said…
Yes, exactly, writing a whole new book, no matter how dirty the draft is a wonderful achievement. Congrats you, well done and all that x
Pat Posner said…
Congratulations on The End!
And on the 2 stories in FF!

Helen P said…
What an achievement and I'll bet you're as exhausted as the bear!
Lane said…
Woo - another finisher. Big well dones to you! I hope you had a little celebration of the cake variety...
HelenMHunt said…
Brilliant, well done. What a feeling. (Please don't press delete by mistake, that would be bad x)
KatW said…
Congratulations! I look forward to reading the published version. Is the polar bear in the book? Hope so. Kat :-)
Well done Karen. Lovin' the polar bear.
Calistro said…
Congratuations!!!! :) That's me, you, Helen and Caroline all finished at about the same time. There must be something in the air (pollen maybe? ;))

Love that polar bear - I can completely relate!
Edward said…
Well done - have a biscuit and a lie down. Don't start reviewing for a few days. Do some more lying down and being rude about library staff. And don't delete. Copy it to The Cloud for safekeeping.
Tam said…
Email it to me forthwith - I'm not having any of this accidental deletion malarkey!

Well done, treat yourself. And get ready for Phase 2 :-)
Lily Sheehan said…
Well done!! I can't wait to finish mine, I have a long while yet though. I will be celebrating when I do, make sure you do to - after the rest of course :)
Alis said…
The first draft's the hardest one, as we all know. Well done, Karen. Hope you can work your magic on the second draft (better than the D. Copperfield cheat magic!) so that a publisher snaps it up.
And I definitely feel like the polar bear too...
womagwriter said…
Well done! You've got to the end, that's brilliant! The bear is gorgeous and that is just how I felt for most of last week, though I didn't have a completed novel to show for it.
Liane Spicer said…
Congrats on getting to The End. No, that deserves a shout: CONGRATULATIONS! And some wine: Cheers!

Love the photo.
Jean said…
Congratulations on getting to The End of your novel. Well done.

I love the polar bear. That reminds me, I must start dieting and going to the gym again soon instead of sitting around on my backside too much.
Oh well done karen. Its a great feeling isn't it. So leave it for a while now...six weeks at least according to Stephen King and if you need help editing try visiting the Holly Lisle website - theres a fanastic online lesson on the tiresome process there. Good luck! x
Congratulations Karen - well done.
Are you getting ready in your library for the summer reading challenge..or is that jsut Cornwall?
Anonymous said…
Library staff being least bitchy, guess it's because they can't shout.

Great news about the end of the novel. I know what you mean about the characters becoming imaginary friends, mine have too.

CJ xx
Karen said…
Thanks for the lovely comments everyone (and the Holly Lisle suggestion Fionnuala!)

I've eaten lots of cake and have managed not to look at the first draft (too much) but it's hard! I keep thinking of things that need changing, but I'll give it another couple of weeks or so and then get cracking xx

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