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Doesn't Time Fly?

Two weeks since I last posted? How did that happen? In fact where's July gone? Turn your back for two minutes etc. etc.

I'd like to be able to say I've spent the past fortnight being fascinating - entertaining hordes of people at garden parties and throwing neighbourly barbecues. Or being productive - building a conservatory, say, or reinstating the ancient art of tatting (actually, I wouldn't mind a go.) Hell, I'd like to be able to tell you I've been sunning myself on a yacht in the Mediterranean, but t'would all be a big, fat lie.

Firstly, the sun has officially buggered off - in our part of the world anyway. At any given time I can be found trudging up and down the garden with wet washing slung over my shoulder, and when I'm not dragging the washing off the line I'm drying the dog, because walking through the fields in the pouring rain makes her soggy. (Me too, actually. Not a great look. My hair swells up in the damp.)

It can't be right. It's supposed to be summer.

A highlight has been a swine flu scare. No.1 son quietly took himself to the doctor's a couple of days ago, but his temperature wasn't high enough to qualify. I think he was secretly disappointed.

Other than that I've written some stories, sold a couple, fretted over the novel, worked at the library and cleaned the house in preparation for a visit from my mother in a couple of weeks. Which is ridiculous, because everything will be dirty again by then.

Ah well, it may not be fascinating, but it could be worse. We could actually have swine flu.


Jan Jones said…
Wondered where you'd been, Karen. Excellent news on the sales!
Amanda said…
Well done on your sales, Karen :-)
You is clever! :-)
Denise said…
Amazing how the everyday stuff eats time isn't it! Good news on the stories. The swine flu isn't so scary, well it wasn't for me anyway. Just getting over it now, and it turned out to be a week of a high temperature with a mild sore throat, cough, cold, sore stomach etc. Never any fun being ill but sooo much less horrible than I thought it would be. Though I have watched far too much tv!
HelenMHunt said…
Sales are pretty exciting! I wouldn't say no x. Glad you don't have swine flu!
Nic said…
The weather this summer is so disappointing. Not as bad as last summer, but still.
Congratulations on the sales - and the swine flu though I'm sure your son was disappointed. If it's any consolation theres not been a lot of sun around here either.
liz fenwick said…
Congrats on the sales! Pleased swine flu passed you by. I am still hoping summer may arrive - please!!!
Honeysuckle said…
'...sold a couple...' - you're so low-key on that! Well done!
Jean said…
Blimey, and after the recent discussions about plagiarism, I found myself about to start my latest blog entry (now changed slightly) with the first few sentences almost identical to yours! (And that was before I'd read yours - honest). Yes, how quickly time passes. Congrats on selling your stories.
Anna said…
if there was SOME WAY to bottle weather and transport to places, I'd ship you sunshine in a minute!

as it is, I send you very sunny thoughts... :))) have a good visit with your mum!
Helen P said…
I love the nonchalent 'sold a couple'...well done and....well, well done!
Debs said…
Congratulations on the sales. So clever.

Glad to hear that No 1 son doesn't have swine flu.
Suzanne said…
Well done you on your sales. Don't forget to let us know when and where we can read them...

You're right, time's flying far too quickly.

Lily Sheehan said…
You sounded very productive in your time off. Its more than I would have got done. Congrats on the story sales :)
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
I don't know how time gets away from us, but it does. I know how you feel about the last two weeks -- except, of course, for the writing and being published part!! You're awesome!
Queenie said…
Yes, indeed, where has July gone? And why did I even bother coming back from sunny France to grey, cold, rainy England? Sigh...
Susie Vereker said…
Kind of sums up my life, except you have achieved more. Good about the stories. Hope you are submitting novel.
Sun is shining this evening so perhaps summer is coming.
Tam said…
Fretted over the novel? Wrong word, surely? Marvelled at the fab bits and seen where changes needed to be made must be nearer the truth. Keep at it :-)
I know the feeling Karen. I've been trying to finish the edit and as a result have not been blogging much but I've missed you all and am back!
Hope your novel is going well and congrats on the story sales. x
Edward said…
Wow! Sales! What are those again? Seriously, well done.
Karen said…
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :o)

Sorry for not replying individually - had various family members visiting over the past couple of weeks so computer time has been limited!

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