The End?

I promise I won't do any more of these. Until the next time ...


Right Ms Clarkey, my Old PC (circ 1970's) is not playing ball and alas will not kick into action your video masterpiece :o. So when you say The End is this the end of yur blog(Nah!)or maybe your novel? (YIPEE!) Answers on a postcard please in big writing, I've mispalced my specs somewhere in the garden! :) Tommox
Lane said…
He's a cool dude. You better get cracking with the editing before he slips away:-)

Well done on 80K! That definitely deserves cake:-)
I could NEVER tire of your wit! Your 'movies' make me laugh out loud.
Queenie said…
Fabulous, well done!
Karen said…
tommo - I reached my 80000 word target (the lady in the movie is offering to celebrate with tea and cake with a stranger, but he's not interested so she offers to show him her bra) but it's not quite The End of the novel as the story is running over thanks to my getting carried away! Bet you wish you'd never asked now :o)

lane - He's rather classy isn't he? And thank you :o) Not that I need much excse to eat cake ... although it's a bit too hot here today for anything warmer than ice lollies!

bfs - Why thank you! It's a fun diversion :o)

queenie - Thank you Ma'am :o)
Amanda said…

And congrats on ALL those words, Karen x
Helen P said…
Brilliant! I love the deadpan delivery. Assume your novel is a witty bodice ripper then? (Bras revealed at 100,000 words.)
Denise said…
Well done! That's a lot of words. Think you should have some champagne with that cake though!
Cait O'Connor said…
Love your videos, don't stop making them.
Don't think much of your taste in men though.
Debs said…
Hilarious, and well done for reaching 80,000. Hope the cake was good.
80000 words and he only gets an offer of a glimpse of her bra?!x
LauraCassidy said…

Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

Laura x
Tam said…
Get on with it, woman! I'm on tentacles here!
pierre l said…
You may continue doing those videos; they are great. Having said that, a finished book would be nice too.
Honeysuckle said…

(And I find very few things hilarious...)
SpiralSkies said…
Oh God. The new neighbours can hear my laughing and spurting things. Excellent. "But I don't even know you" was the line. Oh yes. And well done. That's bloody ace!
Fia said…
Hurrah, cheers and congratulatons on reaching the end of your novel, Karen. Big achievement and worth a whole cake to yourself. Don't share it with the mean guy. His jeans are too tight which can only mean one thing. No, I don't know what that one thing is either.

Susie Vereker said…
The emphasis, or lack of, makes me laugh so much. 'It's a deal, baby' Brilliant.
Congratulations on progress and don't worry about adverbs. It's a good voice that matters and you've got it.
KatW said…
Excellent & very witty - the bra bit made me howl.

Congrats on writing 80,000 words - worth at least ten slices of cake (or more) & a bottle or two of wine as well as the cup of tea!!!

Kat :-)
Karen said…
amanda - Thank you :o))

helen p - I wish it was now. "Bodice ripper" (like "romp" and "leggy lovely") are the sort of words rarely spoken aloud, have you noticed?

edward - Tah-dah!

denise - I may be the only female in the Kingdom who doesn't like champagne!!

cait o'conner - Lol! I don't know what you mean - he's very handsome :o)

debs - Thanks, and yes the cake was yummy - classic Victoria sponge :o)

fionnuala - She's a lady donchya know?? Once it's finished, I'm sure she'll be a little more, er, liberated :o)

laura - You're welcome - it's exciting news :o)

tam - I'm pretty much on tentacles myself!!

pierre - Yes, I defintitely need to work on the book more - the videos are a big distraction :o)

honeysuckle - Thanks! My daughter keeps encouraging me :o)

spiralskies - You're too kind ma'am. Have a go, they're fun. Actually don't, they're distracting.

fia - That's planted a very unpleasant visual in my mind ... I think I'll stick to thinking about cake!

susie - That's very kind, thank you - I guess I can kill them off when I start editing!

katw - Ten slices of cake?? Is that all? That's more like it. I'll put the kettle on :o)