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Little things

There seems to be bad news wherever you turn these days. It's enough to make a girl cower under the duvet whimpering, but in my little corner of the world I've decided to make the most of the little things this week. Not the big stuff, like family, good health and being in possession of all my own hair and teeth. I'm very grateful for those already. No, the little things like,

...having a story in Best today, accompanied by a gorgeously fluffy picture that makes me smile...'s half-term, so I don't have to trek Teen Son to college and back every day. A journey that varies between 15 minutes and an hour depending on traffic...

...the weather's behaving itself for a change. I haven't fallen over and cracked my head for about three whole days...

...Mad Men and Damages are back on TV.

...I seem to have plugged the gaping plothole that appeared in my novel last week. With more plot, I hasten to add, not an old sock, some newspaper and a smattering of Polyfilla. I did that once when a shelf fell off the wall. It didn't work...

...I've sold another short story to Take a Break.

...I've invented a pudding that has the feel-good factor without the calories that cause my bottom cheeks to swell up. Not a good look ... so last season...

And - er - that's it really.

Like I said, it's the little things.


Dumdad said…
I've just read the intro of your story and want to read the rest! Couldn't you have scanned the whole thing then I could have enlarged it. So in this case, it's not the little things that do it for me...
Calistro said…
Love the image that goes with your story. And isn't your name in a nice big font (unlike some of the other mags). Must put a grin on your face every time you look at it Congrats on the TaB sale you TaB Queen you! :o)
Lane said…
Big congrats on your sales. Like Dumdad I started trying to read it and was hooked. Will nip to the shop later.

And well done for not falling over too. That is really something to be grateful for:-)
Suzanne said…
Know I've already said it on your last post, but really, really loved your story.

And congratulations on your sale to TAB.
Debs said…
Knickers, I've just come back from the shop and didn't buy it! Shall have to do so tomorrow.

Congratulations, you're doing so well with your sales.
HelenMHunt said…
Some of those are pretty big things my dear! I love the way they've illustrated your story. No wonder you're smiling!
Methinks your lady character has been eating far too many puddings -as it has made her tummy swell! ;-)
Blinkin' 'eck woman I'm now going to have to go and buy this Mag (as a rule TF doesn't buy or read mags)Can't you just publish it in full on your blog?!! ;-) (So, that'll be a NO then)

Clarkey, you're simply the BEST better than all the rest :) Tommox
Tam said…
Yay!! Well done you :-)
SpiralSkies said…
Oh My God! You are a writing runaway train! Choo choo!

(Sounds of jealousy. Again. I could go off you if I weren't so thrilled for you. Grrrrr. And XXX. Well done, you're a bloomin marvel.)
Chicklit Addict said…
Congrats on your short story successes! Hopefully it's just my tiny laptop, but I couldn't read the text and so I'll just have to go out and buy it.
Piccie looks great too!
JJ said…
Wow, Karen, how bloomin' marvellous. WEll done. I love the picture. Sadly I can't get a copy here...
Jan Jones said…
Oh, and congrats on the story sales (she says hurriedly)
KatW said…
Wow - congratulations - I shall have to get a copy of 'Best' and then show off to everyone that I know the author of the story. And you've sold another story to Take a Break!! How cool are you?

And I'm also glad that you've managed not to crack open your head, saved on travel time, plugged the hole in your novel and will be getting your tv fix.

But now for the most important question: what the hell is this pudding you talk of and are you willing to share the recipe?

Kat :-)
Lorna F said…
Congratulations on those sales, Karen - you're a dynamo this year!
wordtryst said…
Abso-freaking-fantastic! Well done, Karen! And yet another one coming up! I so wish I could get ithem down here, but I can't. Curses.

I hope you leave it open on the story at strategic points around the library for you-know-who.

Lovely illustration too!
Amanda said…
Just put Best Magazine on my shopping list, Karen. Huge congrats!! Can't wait to read it. xx
Bernadette said…
Word must have got out, as my local newsagent had SOLD OUT!

I'll try elsewhere tomorrow, but given the extra effort the least I deserve is that pudding recipe!
Anna said…
half term here too, and so nice not to have to trek anyone anywhere...

big congrats on the stories!! you are just zooming all over, without leaving home!

a cuppa is to be had in your honor later this morning...
Jolly good stuff Karen - you must be chuffed to bits. I'd be hopping from foot to foot seeing my name up in lights like that with such great artwork to support the story.

That's quite a big thing - not small at all as it is a great achievement.

I'm chuffed for you!
Cait O'Connor said…
Congrats on the stories and all the little things making you happy today.
Debs said…
Have now bought the mag and read your story. Loved it.
Lily Sheehan said…
Congratulations on more short story success. Glad to see the novel is going well. I am dying to read more!!
Congratulations on all the little things. They are afterall what makes the world go round. Excellent news on the sales.
Annieye said…
Absolutely brilliant and not such little things either. Well done Karen. I'm really pleased for you.
Fionnuala said…
Wow Karen - what an amazing time for you and you really seem to have cracked the short story market. WHat's the secret????
Well done. Seriously well done. Off to buy the latest one now. Fx
Bernadette said…
Great story, Karen. Loved it. Well done!
Honeysuckle said…
I love that picture!
KAREN said…
dumdad - I did try and scan the whole thing, honest, but it just wouldn't fit!

calistro - It's pretty isn't it? And yes, seeing my name writ large is a real thrill :o)

lane - Thank you, and on the subject of falling over I managed to do it again today while walking Molly - I tripped over a branch and came back covered in mud. Having a dog should come with a health warning sometimes :o)

suzanne - Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it :o)

debs - Thank you! Don't buy it though - do what my colleagues at work did, and read it while passing in the supermarket!

helenmh - There's lots to be thankful for really :o))

tommo - It looks a bit like my tummy. Not really. In fact I've cut back on the cake recently.

I could post a link to the story on the blog, now you mention it...

tam - Thank you :o))

spiralskies - I'm sure once you get submitting you'll be on the shelf in the supermarket in no time :o)

chicklit addict - Thanks so much :o) I couldn't quite scan the whole thing unfortunately, it wouldn't fit!

jj - Thank you, I might post a link to the story on m'blog :o)

jan jones - Er, it's the one I mentioned on your blog I'm afraid. Not pretty, but tasty :o))

katw - Thank you on all counts, and I'm afraid the pudding isn't very attractive but it does taste nice. Basically, it's half a pot of custard in a glass, mixed with some 0%fat Greek yoghurt and a bit of fruit of your choice (I like tinned cherries) with a crumbled shortcake biscuit (or ginger or whatever takes your fancy) chucked in for crunch. You can grate some chocolate over too if you like - about 150 calories tops :o))

lorna f - Thank you, it does give me a boost and keeps me motivated :o)

wordtryst - Ooh, I didn't think of that! I could leave it in the staff room tomorrow while no-one's looking ...

amanda - Thank you, I hope you like it :o)

bernadette - Lol :o) See above for recipe by the way. It doesn't look much, but it tastes nice!

anna - I'll raise a cup in return :o)

mob - You're too kind, but it is a buzz I must admit :o)

cait o'connor - Thank you :o)) AND the sun was shining as well, I forgot about that!

debs - I'm glad you liked it :o)

lily - Thank you! I might post a bit more of the novel when I'm feeling brave :o)

gonna be - You're so right, and thanks :o)

annieye - That's really nice, thank you :o)

fionnuala - I wish I knew what the secret was :oO It's usually the story I'm not sure about that sells!

bernadette - Thanks, I loved yours too - very evocative :o)

honeysuckle - Me too! Very girly :o)

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