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Winter Wonderland

Woke up to lots of snowy lovelieness this morning. Not enough for anyone to skive off college/work, but still. Above is one of the fields where I walk Molly-dog, and here she is in the woods having a marvellous time. She loves snow.

...well, we both do really. You can't beat it for transforming an otherwise ordinary landscape. Rain just doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid.

I came back, dusted Molly off, stamped my feet on the mat, made myself some hot chocolate and thought, right...back to normal, time to get on with some writing. The house is nice and quiet.

It's not even untidy if you close your eyes and feel your way round the walls, and the wash-pile isn't too high. Unless you're five-foot two. Which I am. And there's plenty of food in the house - at least there was the last time I looked. Even the floors look clean, providing the lights stay off and the sun doesn't come out unexpectedly...oh dear. I knew this would happen.

I have sent out two short stories out and started writing another though.

Does that count??


Lane said…
That looks very pretty and I'm impressed you've already sent two stories out. Woo:-)

We had a smattering of snow too and it was all very cosy and dimly lit inside. And then the sun came out and revealed the dust balls:-(
Calistro said…
You should see the state of MY flat! I think being untidy goes hand in hand with being a writer so pat yourself on being properly writerly! ;o)
Bernadette said…
If you tidy today it'll still need doing again tomorrow and if you don't tidy today it'll need doing tomorrow so, in my book, time spent tidying is wasted time. Whereas time spent sending out stories and writing new ones is sharing your creative genius with a world sorely in need of it.
So keep doing exactly what you're doing!
Debs said…
I thought that first picture was a painting. What a lovely view.

We've just had a little rain, and some fluttery snow, but no doubt it'll all be gone by the morning.

Best of luck with the submissions.
Honeysuckle said…
Definitely the time to be sending out stories after all those rejections Pat Richardson from Best sent out over the Christmas holidays. Has the woman no heart?

Love your snowy pictures.
HelenMHunt said…
That definitely counts. I have so many things that need doing - both writerly and non-writerly that I don't know where to start!
Tam said…
Hmmm...someone once commented that my house looks 'lived in', which is really just a nice way of saying messy but I don't care. I know where everything is!
Suzanne said…
We had a light dusting this morning - although am expecting a fully fledged blizzard for the school run tomorrow (we had a force ten gale when they went back last January).

Lovely photos and you're so lucky having such a nice place to walk Molly.

Well done for sending out the stories.
Jean said…
Lovely photos. I like the look of snow but I don't like having to go out in it. Too cold. Must be old age creeping - no, galloping - on, as I never used to mind it when I was younger.
bfs said…
Just love your pictures. Don't you adore the 'quiet' of snow? The air is just different, filled with some type of expectancy.
SpiralSkies said…
There's something very Noel Coward about writing as the snow drifts down, don't you think?

Two more stories sent out, that's great! Will be purchasing that TaB Fiction Feast today, you clever thing you!
JJ said…
Yes it blooming well does count. It's fab. Close the curtains if you've got to open your eyes!
Housework? I like your recipe for seeing the bright side. The cobwebs are so old in here that even the spiders are getting pissed off that I haven't done anything about them.
Lindsay said…
Found your blog via Debs Shed. Will have a rummage around in it a little later!
Lily Sheehan said…
I love the pics. I shoulda taken some on my slippy walk to the bus stop yesterday but then I probably woulda done a Paige and landed on my arse.
Leigh said…
For cases of Seasonal Overload:
Keep you eyes straight ahead, focussing on lovely new Christmas (and pre-Christmas) toys. Do not be tempted to wash, fold, hoover, or put anything away.

Continue treatment for a week, and the problem should clear up (although, I accept, no one else will).
Fionnuala said…
I am feeling positively jealous of all the short story writing going on out here. Well done you prolific lot you! Fx
Amanda said…
The snow looks lovely, Karen. Ours has all gone now, shame.

TWO stories in Festive Feast - that's brill - I'll pick up my copy today! Plus two stories sent out - I'm so impressed. Keep it up! x
Henry the Dog said…
That looks sooo pretty and Molly seems to be having a great time. Mum says 'bugger the housework, keep writing it's much more fun'. Not that mum knows anything about writing. She can't write for toffee. I'M the literary genius in this house. We've had a bit of snow over here in France and it's been so cold. It was -7 yesterday.
KatW said…
The snow does transform a landscape into something beautiful and magical. We've had lots of thick frost but no snow. My kids are desperate for us to get snow. I suppose it is one of the rare downsides of living in Cornwall - we rarely get snow. But we do get beautiful landscapes even without it, so musn't complain. It would just make the kids year to get snow to play in/with!

Well done on already sending stuff out - impressive!

Kat :-)
Fiona said…
Even sending out one short story is a good enough excuse for a normal - in my book - house. I need excuses for my slattern ways. Could you write me a note?
Excellent photos m'dear. Hot chocolate sounds lovely. Leave the dust alone it will settle. Keep writing :) Tfx
Lorna F said…
Gorgeous photos, Karen - and you seem to be on such a roll with the writing - never mind if the dust bunnies breed! :-)
KAREN said…
lane - They were already written so I'm not sure it counts really! The snow's still with us though - frozen solid :oO

calistro - That can be my excuse in future :o)

bernadette - That's a very good point - I might write that down!

debs - The view's very photogenic at the moment - and the snow hasn't gone yet :o)

honeysuckle - That's definitely not a good time to send out rejections - I'm expecting some from her any day...

helenmh - It is a bit overwhelming. I'd start with a nice cup of tea :o)

tam - Our house doesn't so much look lived in as...ransacked! I've sorted out the worst of it though :o)

suzanne - The light dusting here seems to have frozen solid now...I slipped over and whacked my head out walking Molly last night!

jean - Yes, it's definitely nicer to look at than to walk in, as I discovered last night...see above :o)
Great pics. Just the sort of day to wrap up and g for a walk.
KAREN said…
bfs - It's funny how you can always tell the minute you wake up if it's been snowing!

spiralskies - It's just too distracting, that's the trouble. I immediately want to go out in it, like a big baby :o)

jj - Curtain closing is definitely a good tactic!

ernest - Ah, cobwebs. I daren't even look up at the moment...

lindsay - Welcome, I shall pop over and visit yours :o)

lily - Just as well it's clearing up now - I've never seen so many people falling over (including myself) just down our road!

dr. leigh - Why thank you - that'll do nicely :o). What are the side effects though?

fionnuala - Funny how it just takes one 'hit' to make you want to keep at it :o)

amanda - Ours has only just started to disappear...just as well really as it's been dangerously icy :oO

henry the dog - Molly doesn't care what the weather's like, she still wants to go out! Keeps me (reasonably!) fit though :o)

katw - It's quite unusual for us to have so much snow down here really - the children still love it, and so do I! (Not so much for walking in though)

fiona - I like Cally's suggestion that being untidy is 'writerly.' I'm going to stick to that excuse in future!

tommo - That's the problem with keeps settling however much you clean. Tut. Definitely plenty of hot chocolate though :o)

gonna be a writer - Can't believe how cold it's been though. -9 most days. Bit milder today...-1 :o)

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