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Hard to Swallow

I am trying to get on with the novel, but I've just been diagnosed with a throat infection and it's flippin' painful. As a result I'm a bit flushed and mad today.

To that end, I couldn't resist having a go at making this romance-novel cover at Yes, I know it should feature a lady with a tiny waist in the arms of a lantern-jawed doctor but, surprisingly, I don't have any photos like that on the computer. I had to improvise with the dog. Poor Molly.

Shocking waste of time, or a bit of harmless fun? I'll let you decide.

Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.


Suzanne said…
Love the cover.

Sorry about the throat infection. Suppose it's that time of year - lots of nasties around.

Get well soon.
I scream! I scream!

Spelling TF!

Sorry I meant to say eat plenty of ice cream, soothes the old voice box. Chocolate is a good flavour I'm told. Take care m'dear Tommox
Amanda said…
Get well soon, Karen - I like the cover :-)xx
Dumdad said…
Hope you get better soon. The Frog Queen had the same thing just after Christmas and her throat was very sore and she was off work; she also took antibiotics.
L-Plate Author said…
That cover made me smile Karen, loved the Molly Dog Clarke!

Well, looks like I need to send you get well wishes now kiddo so...get well soon! x
Debs said…
Love it, and I'm sure Molly dog must be very proud to be on the cover of a book.

Hope you're feeling much better soon.
Bernadette said…
Hope you're better soon.
But I need to know - in the end, does she get her rabbit?
Lane said…
Molly Dog is a great cover girl.

I daren't click on your link. Well maybe later:-)

Hope the infection clears up asap and I second TF's ice cream suggestion. Lots of it:-)
Paige said…
Love the cover! Hope you feel better soon!
Joss Albért said…
Your cover is certainly a break of trend in cross-species romantic fiction. Normally the dog giving chase to said rabbit is a fine male sheepdog named Ralph or Peregrine. Instead, I guess the story must revolve around Molly pursuing a shy buck named Darcy, owner of the largest burrow in Berkshire?

Thank you for your lovely comment. Get well and get back on the novel!
womagwriter said…
I'd buy it - for Penny-dog next door. She's a squirrel chase, which I guess will be Molly-dog's second novel. Doubt my cats would appreciate dog-lit. Hey, you've spawned a new genre!
womagwriter said…
squirrel chaser, that should have been
Jan Jones said…
Tea and paracetamol. Always does it for me.
HelenMHunt said…
Will Molly-dog be doing any readings in the near future?
Leigh said…
Oh, bad throats are the worst. Hugs to you and anyone you're being grumpy with.

Love the cover. No creativity can ever be described as a waste of time in my book. So, you're fine.
Calistro said…
Love it!

Now you're just given me ANOTHER reason to procrastinate!
bfs ~ "Mimi" said…
Get yourself some zinc throat lozenges...they really help take the pain away!

Feel better soon! And loved the cover!! ;-)
liz fenwick said…
Love it - hope you feel better soon.
KAREN said…
suzanne - It was pretty packed in the doctor's surgery - if I hadn't been ill when I got there, I would have been when I left!

tommo - Ooh, ice-cream! I've been craving it actually and I'm not usually bothered. Has to be vanilla though :o)

Thanks Amanda - no dogs were harmed in the making etc. :o))

dumdad - It's definitely doing the rounds. The teens had it first and kindly shared their germs :oO

Hope the Frog Queen is better now.

l-plate - Can't moan really, after what you've been through! Feeling much better today :o)

debs- She does look rather proud, but she always does when she's outdoors bless her!

bernadette - She doesn't get her rabbit in the end I'm afraid - a happy ending for the rabbit though!

lane - I've had far too much ice-cream now, but it was very soothing on the old throat :o) It also seems to be a food Molly doesn't like - most unusual :o)

Thanks Paige - much better today :o)

joss - Very funny :o) She does have some sheepdog in her (as is were) which would explaing the chasing...not very ladylike though!

womagwriter - Molly would chase squirrels too...anything that moves in fact! Luckily she's never caught anything yet.

jan jones - I couldn't even swallow a paracetamol :oO That's when I knew it was time to go to the doc's! Can't go wrong with tea though.

helenmh - I'll have a word with Madam, but she's rather coy in that department :o)

leigh - How did you know I was being grumpy??

I'm tempted to think up a story to go with the cover, but that WOULD be time-wasting!

calistro - It might be best not to log-on if you haven't already. I got quite carried away!

jj - Don't encourage me...

liz fenwick - Thanks! Much better today thank goodness. Doctor said I had a temperature and should be in bed...fat chance :o)

honeysuckle - It's nice to be able to swallow without thinking about it too much today!
Ruby Isabella said…
No definitely not a waste of time. By the way "gratuitous Molly shot" is a contradiction of terms. My dictionary defines gratuitous as "uncalled for, lacking good reason, unwarranted." It is called for (i am calling for more), it has immense good reason (it makes people and dogs happy) and is definitely warranted (I have a warrant here for more Molly pictures).
Anna said…
great cover but poor you!!!

hope it's better today...
Darn those wee bugs eh? Get a hot toddy down yer throat!

Loved the picture and yup like Lane won't try it out just yet as I am sure this will be addictive. Your last post was brilliant by the way, menat to comment but went tearing off to my novel to see what grave errors I have been making!

Get well soon.
Jean said…
Loved the Molly-dog cover. Hope you're better now.
Pat Posner said…
Hope you're better now.
Over on mine I mention burning potatoes. It was very spooky that, much later, while we were eating I was reading your story (it's great) in Fiction Feast especially as we were eating Fish Pie - made with the second lot of spuds I managed not to burn.
Joss Albért said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joss Albért said…
Hello, I hope you are getting well. If you have the Energy, hop over to another of my blogs and join you on a little meme-tag-type challenge... All information is in my new post.

Do not worry if you don't fancy it though,

Joss x

PS, here's the blog:
Henry the Dog said…
Well I think it's super. Molly is one pretty little pooch. Kisses to her from a handsome hunk xxxx
Alis said…
Hope you're feeling better soon, Karen. Throat infections - they make you feel really lousy, don't they?
Lorna F said…
Karen - sorry to hear about the bad throat and I do hope you're feeling better now. It's post Christmas immune-system-cave-in syndrome, that's what it is. x
Suzanne said…
Hi Karen

Hope you're getting better.

Just wanted to let you know that I've finally managed to get hold of February's Fiction Feast - and I LOVED your stories.

God you love that dog!!! Hope you feel better soon.

That "STOP" story opening lines thing was interesting and totally scary. How does anyone get published? (Ooops, rhetorical question).
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