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It's m' birthday tomorrow. (Or today. Or yesterday. Or the 27th, depending on when you're reading this.) Twenty-three. I know, I can't believe it either! I usually make a resolution on the day. Much more sensible than making one at the beginning of the year, when I'm still high on mince pies. And not a big Out Loud resolution either, in case I get flak for failing to achieve it, (although maybe I should) but a little one, generally along the lines of "I WILL get the novel finished and Out There this year." Last year's was to get a short story published in a national magazine, which I did (YAY!) but I've reverted to the old one again this year. It seems to be heading in the right direction as opposed to in the bin, which is promising.

However, a brilliantly funny post on Spiralskies blog tapped in to a conversation I had with Teen Daughter today, and made me realise I might have to add another resolution.

"Why do you wear so much brown?' she said, scanning my cords beadily.
"It's the new black?" I offered hopefully. "It matches my eyes?"
"You look like a giant poo," she said.


Nearly as bad as her comment after my yearly scuffle with the hairdresser, a few months back. "You look like one of the Beatles," she said, stroking my head thoughtfully. I don't know which one. I didn't like to ask.

It's clearly time for a style overhaul.

When I've finished the novel...


LOL! Ms Poo indeed! I see you daughter has inherited your sense of humour Clarkey :) Have a great day tomorrow m'dear. Eat plenty of cake :) Tommox Only 23 my arse! ;-)
wordtryst said…
I feel for you, being a brown-lover - sorry, a lover of earth tones - myself. My sister raised her eyebrows just this Saturday as she surveyed my all-brown row of sandals, slippers and sneakers. I've been reading that expression of hers for many years. It says Brown? Bor-ing!

Give me brown and tan and olive and sage and rust and flax - or any permutation of these - any day!
Paul Capewell said…
Happy Birthday for tomorrow then :)

And good luck with the overhaul, but don't go too far the opposite way and be one of those 'wacky' mums in a technicolor dreamcoat Joseph would be jealous of!
Lane said…
Pah, what do teenagers know. Now being twenty three - as you are most certainly sort of definitely are - you can pull off Beatles hair and brown with aplomb. And if you are going for an overhaul, maybe don't go quite as far as the gal in your photo:-)

Happy Birthday tomorrow! I shall wear brown and eat cake in your honour:-)
Calistro said…
Ha! The "you look like a poo" remark made me laugh out loud (and not in that pretendy internet LOL way!).

Make sure you DO get your book written missus, I'm expecting great things from you! :o)
bfs ~ "Mimi" said…
Be sure that you eat cake for breakfast!!!!!

Hope the day is wonderful for you.
wordtryst said…
...and a very Happy Birthday to you!
As long as you don't look like Mr Hanky the Christmas pooh from Southpark! He tends to leave a trail behind him - not a great look.......
JJ said…
Ha Poo. Ha. Teenagers are so horrible. My daughter has a habit of finding old pictures of me, and rushing through to me, saying in tone of absolute incredulity, saying 'Mum, you were so pretty.'

*Sigh* it's all so past tense.
SpiralSkies said…
Oh, but teenagers can be cruel. I was wearing brown cords too yesterday, maybe we could form some sort of poo appreciation society. No? Oh.

Happy Birthday my lovely. But once you've finished happy-ing, back to the writing. Or else.
Jan Jones said…
Happy Birthday, Karen! From one earth-tone lover to another.

I remember my daughter glancing at me once and saying, "You look nice, Mum," in tones of slight surprise.
Queenie said…
Happy birthday to you! (I would sing it, but you really don't need that in your comments box of a morning.) Hope you have a great day, and some compliments to offset the poo remark, and lovely presents, and cake. Enjoy!
Amanda said…
Happy Birthday missy x
Henry the Dog said…
Happy birthday! xxxx PS: I'm only a dog, but I can do a bit of mental arithmetic and I reckon you must have been only ten, or thereabouts, when you had your daughter. I know that wouldnt' raise eyebrows these days but it must have done in the old days. That was mighty young, Miss Karen;)xxx
Bernadette said…
Have a fabulous day. Twenty three is a great age to be - or so I am told by my older sister!

(My verification word is ratiform - they're brown, aren't they? :) )
Fionnuala said…
Brown is the new black? I think thats a GOOD answer although it does depend on what shade of brown and poo shade suits no-one. I'd love to tell you the comments get less scathing as teenagers grow but with daughters of 23 and I can't! I recently was urged out of Monsoon (the shop) becase "grannies shop there". In the same sentence I was told to step away from the door of New Look. (Only wanted jeans - honest)Whats a girl/woman to do?
Happy birthday for today. Have a glass of virtual bubbles on me. Fx
Dumdad said…
Bon anniversaire!
Debs said…
I hope you're having a fab birthday today, despite being described as a poo. Little cherubs, they're delightful, aren't they?
Lily Sheehan said…
HAPPY 23RD!! does that mean I can be 18 again?
I cannot wait to see what happens in chapter two so that is a v. good resolution.
I love brown and green and often worry about looking like a giant poo or snot.
Happy Birthday! Well done with all the writing... I am just starting out and its good to see your achievements... I love brown too... haven't been called a Poo yet except as the Worst Possible Thing that a four year old could call you... he does that quite often...
L-Plate Author said…
I've just spluttered coffee everywhere reading that! Wonderful humour as ever.

Happy whenever Birthday missey xx
Suzanne said…
Children - don't you just love them. My lovely daughter has a list of words I'm too old to use. My appearance will be next in the firing line - I can see it coming.

Happy Birthday Karen. May you have lots and lots of cake.
Cait O'Connor said…
Very many happy returns Karen.

You look only 23 :-)
HelenMHunt said…
There are worse things than looking like one of the Beatles. And brown is quite clearly the new black.
Honeysuckle said…
Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late.

I love brown; I bet you look fab in it.
Jumbly Girl said…
Happy happy Birthday for yesterday , hope you had a fab day and lots of cake. Lovely to hear you sounding so up and positive abou your novel, glad to hear it's going so well.

Re: Brown/Poo. My daughter's comments on my dress sense/state of my skin / lines that weren't there yesterday etc are always a cracking start to my day.
Anna said…
I think you look FABULOUS in brown!!

as for kids... sigh... can't fob them off to the neighbors without them coming back. my twenty year old has already told me I'm going in a home! :)))

a facetious smile on her face...
Lorna F said…
Hilarious post, Karen. Made me feel lucky to have sons as daughters seem to be much more cutting in their assessments of appearances. Sons just want you to be cuddly (and oh I am, I am!). So sorry I missed your birthday - hope you had a lovely one. And you'll be pleased to hear I bought Fiction Feast and read your excellent stories. I loved that you were placed at the beginning and end of the magazine! Keep going - get that novel written girl.:)
Pat Posner said…
Happy Birthday for yesterday - sorry it's late!!

Love the 'Poo' comments. I've got a cocker-poo in the novella I'm writing. I love signs that tell me I'm 'meant to be' writing whatever I am writing. Poo is a sign!
P.S. The word verification is vegeaunt and that's another sign - there's one of them in my novella, too.
KAREN said…
tommo - She's much crueller than me! There was lots of cake though :o)

wordtryst - I do like brown, I must admit - and not just because it hides the mud when I've been out walking the dog!

paul - Thanks, and no I don't think I'd get away with that either! Maybe there's a happy medium somewhere?

lane - She sort of made up for it later by saying I don't look my age, in spite of my awful dress sense! Bless. I think...

calistro - If I don't it won't be from a lack of trying :o))

bfs - Ooh, cake for breakfast! Don't encourage me now :o)

wordtryst - Thank you!

mob - Well I don't think I do, but my daughter might tell you differently!

jj - Fortunately my daughter thinks I look younger now than I did years ago when I had 'old lady hair and big glasses.' Ouch!

spiralskies - Maybe a cord appreciation society. I've got them in all colours, you know. Well, black and grey. And green. God, I'm boring myself now...

jan jones - Yes, my daughter always sounds insultingly amazed when I DO accidentally look 'nice' !!

queenie - I don't mind singing, as long as it's not about poo! I did have a lovely day though :o)

amanda - Thank you x

henry the dog - Tut. Of course I didn't actually give birth to my children, my grandma knitted them for me...

bernadette - Don't talk about rats for heaven's sake! There are still suspicious scrabblings behind the fridge :oO

fionnuala - When we go shopping my daughter constantly says things like 'step away from the ugly cardigan, mother,' in a very loud voice. Sooo mean.

dumdad - Merci buttercup!

debs - I did have a lovely birthday, despite the child cruelty :o)

lily - You're not allowed to fib about your age yet, you're far too young as it is! I've a feeling my novel has changed beyond recognition since Chapter One, I'm afraid (blushes) Better, I hope :o)

ladybird - At least being four is an excuse. My daughter's 19!!

l-plate - Sorry about that! A lovely day was had, in the end :o)

suzanne - I think it's our job to embarrass them, personally! And I've eaten far too much cake...

cait o'conner - Aw thank you, you're too kind :o)

helenmh - Yes, but they're men! You're probably right though :o)

honeysuckle - Thank you! And brown is very forgiving in my opinion :o)

jumbly girl - Thank you, and yes I could definitely do without that sort of crit!

anna - Well I hope you've got a few more years before that happens!! I think mine would like me to go in one now...

lorna f - Thanks for your lovely comments, and yes I'm going to work very hard this year to get it done :o))

patp - A cocker-poo in a novella! Whatever next? I'm looking forward to reading that :o)

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