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Got family staying at the moment, and for the next week or so. Couldn't get this week off work, so I'm seriously strapped for time. I'm having blog-reading withdrawal symptoms. When I eventually get round to it (and I will - oh yes) it'll be like butting into a conversation that's carried on without me. Everyone will be chucking me filthy looks and wondering who the hell I am. Not that I'm insecure or anything...

Lovely brother and family have gone to a Dr Who exhibition in London this afternoon, and when I got back from the library I fell on the PC like a hungry woman on a Twix. (I had one of those as well.) I've been writing LOADS, weirdly, in between everything else (what's that saying about asking a busy person if you want something doing? Well, actually I think that is the saying...) so my progress bar will be making a comeback soon and I can hold my head up in the writing community again, instead of scuffing my shoes like a naughty child when I see everyone else's shooting towards the million mark.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my sixteen year old neice asked if I'd have a look at some writing she's done. It's a fantasy type story, she said and I thought 'uh-oh, not my genre,' but naturally I said - rather patronisingly probably - that of course I'd take a peek. She's done six little chapters so I sat down with a coffee at 7.30 this morning, wondering what I was going to say if I didn't like it, and in seconds was hooked. BLOODY HELL, I thought enviously. She's Good. Too many lovely adjectives, naturally (see what I did there) but she has a flair for a story as well as a way with language and I'm not going to have to fib at all when I tell her later, it's Fab!

OBVIOUSLY she takes after her auntie...


Pat Posner said…
Got a great visual of you falling onto the computer with a Twix in your mouth (grin).
Glad you're managing to get loads of writing done. When you've time to visit - there's 2 items of news on my blog.

Hope your niece keeps the writing up.
Dumdad said…
And when she's rich and famous and makes JK look like a pauper you'll be able to say, "Of course, I spotted her potential immediately!"
Lane said…
It runs in the family then (writing, not eating Twix's!). Now you've got even more of an incentive to Get On With It. Can't have niece (though I'm sure she's very lovely) getting published before you!

Glad to hear you're writing lots even though time is scarce:-)
Denise said…
Mmmm, twix. Having a healthy phase at the moment so have twix envy. Also quite jealous of people going to the doctor who exhibition, though I did see the lovely David Tennant in person in Hamlet the over week, sigh.

Well done on the writing whilst busy. I've not done so well recently, now I'm staring at my shoes!
Annie Bright said…
Once again, your post made me chuckle! You should be snapped up by a magazine... but then when would you fit in everything else!? like blogging and twixes (is that a word?)

Always nice when you can tell a child, truthfully, that they did good!
Miranda said…
Of COURSE she takes after her your blog. Love it!
Debs said…
I've fallen on a few Twix's in my time too.

What a relief you can be completely honest with your neice.
JJ said…
It was a Double Decker for me today!

It's a bit light everywhere on the blogs at the moment.
Alis said…
Like auntie, like neice! Keep up the good work on the work-in-progress, as I'm having to work round everybody/everything at the moment I am full of empathy!
Blinkin' hell Clarkey, I was getting a bit worried (only for a fleeting moment mind), thought you've emigrated or eloped. Keep writing :)Tommox
HelenMH said…
Aah, a writing niece. How lovely! And what was that about Twixes?
Faye said…
Is this an English thing--falling on Twixes? Know what you mean about prep for visitors, even though you like them. It's sad that we live in such a way that redecorating is required before entertaining. I had to buy silverware, plates and cups as well. . .exhausting!

How fortunate that you could say good things about your niece's writing. She can claim you as an auntie/mentor.
Fionnuala said…
OBVIOUSLY!!!! I want a twix now..
Janelle said…
der. obviously. x janelle
Tam said…
Yeah I have Twix cravings now, too. Will have to get dressed and go out for one.
Leigh said…
Oh, once, I too, was a 16yo showing my writing to everyone and anyone who would read it. Sadly, if I ever had any skill, I grew out of it! I hope your niece doesn't.
KAREN said…
patp - Sounds a bit messy when you put it like that :o)

dumdad - Naturally! If she's got potential at this age, who knows?

lane - Eating Twix's definitely runs in the family :o) What struck me with niece's writing was how unselfconscious it was - I could learn something there!

denise - I've seen the photos of the Dr Who exhibition and it looked rather good. Little nephew was so alarmed by the Daleks though that they had to leave!

annie bright - I'm sure people (especially young people) can tell when you're just being polite as well, so it WAS a relief :o)

miranda - HI! And thank you :o)

debs - It's not just Twix's either :o( I need to rein myself in, but it's hard with family here. (That's my excuse...)

jj - I think everyone's on holiday at the moment - my holiday is looking after family. D'OH!

alis - It's hard, because you don't want to be rude, but at the same time you're dying to dash off and do some more writing!

tommo - You can't get rid of me that easily. As for eloping... only with my Laptop :o)

faye - I know, and we've got to do it all again (well, cleaning not decorating) as my mum's coming down today for a week! I'll need a holiday by the end of it all :o)

helenmh - Not a bad combination, actually!

fionnuala - You can't have one...they're MINE!!

janelle - Indeed. None of my own children have shown any inclination towards writing - they think it's a bit Sad!

tam - Just pop your dressing gown on over your jim-jams - nobody will mind :o)

leigh - I never used to show anyone back then - probably just as well! I hope she does keep it up.
Tam said…
Best not let TD see that comment, Karen. She doesn't think I need any encouragement...
Annieye said…
Great post - and I think it's the time of year. I haven't been able to get round to blogging much lately either.

I have serious Twix withdrawal symptoms - and Maltesers, and chunky Kit-Kats, and giant Choccy buttons ... However, I have found a replacement - one and a half weightwatchers points - Fab lollies.
Yvonne said…
It must run in the family so! Would kill for a Twix now...
KAREN said…
tam - I won't tell her!

annieye - Ooh, Fab lollies! I'd forgotten about those - what a good idea :o)

yvonne - I'm trying to rein in my chocoholic tendencies!

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